You are Invited to an Inaugural Masterclass

by May 3, 20230 comments

As you may have heard, I have just published a new book called, “Reawakening the Human Spirit”. I wrote it in response to the dramatic decline in inspiration being experienced in our crazy world right now. Everything I have learned over the last 50+ years working with leaders across the world helping them build inspiring organizations has been adapted and refreshed and poured into this work – and I am thrilled that it is making so many waves. Although my experience is with leaders of major organizations,  this is not a corporate journey – it is a human journey.

I am offering a 6-week Masterclass based on the “Foundation” principles contained in the book. This course will cover the essentials of how we prepare ourselves to became more inspired in a world that does not always feel inspiring – Reawakening YOUR Human Spirit.

Here is the best part – it is FREE.  Just send an email to or you can apply here: and if your application is approved, we will welcome you to a very exciting journey.

You will need to do just three things:

  1. Submit your application here:
  2. Purchase a copy of Reawakening the Human Spirit here:
  3. During our Masterclasses, we use the Spirit@Work® Cards mobile app which is free – learn more here:

If this work appeals to you, following your graduation from the Foundation Masterclass, you may wish to join our growing community of changemakers, who we call Pathfinders (learn more here: This is a deep dive consisting of a 15-week full Reawakening the Human Spirit Masterclass followed by a supervised practicum.

Current students are raving about how this has changed their lives – I hope you will too!

“The impact on everyone following the Masterclass based on Reawakening the Human Spirit has been, as I had hoped, inspiring and life changing. I told all my people before we started that this would be the case, because I believed it in my heart, mind, and soul, but it is amazing to see and experience the transformation. It is only possible to truly understand it, by experiencing it. And it has surpassed my hopes.  THANK YOU from ALL of US!”