5Dynamics – A Breakthrough in Understanding People

by Feb 20, 20073 comments

I have been using psychometric tools for 35 years. But I have found that 1) They are often flawed, 2) They focus on the ego or the personality, and completely miss the soul, and 3) They lead to the demeaning practice of labeling and pigeon-holing people. So I have been on a long, and until now, fruitless search for something that goes beyond the “old story”, Jungian-based, profiling tools.

A few years ago I met the originator of 5Dynamics which offers a suite of online tools to support individual and team development and high performance. It focuses on the cognitive and behavioral processes that determine how individuals learn, create, and collaborate. It then maps them to whatever a person wants to achieve.

It includes a powerful coaching application with unique dyad reports, showing how the coach or mentorís dynamics compare to those of the person being developed, and suggesting strategies for an optimal coaching relationship. There are also powerful team and leadership development tools as well.

The results of the patent-pending 2-minute assessment focus on process rather than on personality. They are directly applicable to any work situation. Individuals can easily grasp how to approach a role, task, or work assignment. Team members can quickly see how their dynamics influence their collaboration with one another to achieve the dreams or objectives of a team.

In our work, we help organizations achieve their dreams – but you can only realize a dream if you have the appropriate resources. 5Dynamics is the best instrument of its kind that I have come across to determine if the organization has the human assets necessary to achieve the dream.

To learn more about the complete tool suite, visit https://www.5dynamics.com or e-mail us at info@secretan.com.