Definition of the Secretan Logo

Our logo symbolizes the journey to Higher Ground.  The purple inverted “V” is The Higher Ground, the place towards which we are all traveling. As we ascend in our journey to Higher Ground, we invite others to accompany us along the way. The Higher Ground is colored purple, the color associated with “spirit”, the sixth chakra and the Soul.  The red line is the Red Road of life that is an important part of Native American tradition and symbolism. It is depicted as a free-form “S” – for Spirit. The Red Road is the path we are taking on this Earthly journey. (In Native American tradition the blue road, for example, is the road of the next domain, the afterlife). The Red Road of life is the way to Higher Ground and when we reach Higher Ground we are warmed, comforted, healed and sustained by the sun, the symbol of hope, brightness and life. The sun inspires and nourishes us. The sun affirms life and reminds us of our commitment to only engage in business and social activities that are life-affirming.

Our logo was designed by a brilliant, creative spirit called Ted Matthews – find out more about Ted here –