Assessment Tools and Surveys

The Secretan Center has created more tools, surveys and other items than those shown here. They support Higher Ground Leadership®, a set of guiding principles that can help individuals and organizations determine direction, measure professional and personal development and guide them through the evolution of change that leads to greater success.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about any of the assessment tools and surveys offered here.

Assessment Tools and Surveys

We have many additional surveys, assessment tools, workbooks and other resources that support Higher Ground Leadership®.  If you would like to access these please join the Higher Ground Community.  Your free 7-day trial is here

What did you Learn? Quiz

Take this simple free tool to gage how will you apply what you’ve learned from Lance’s teachings to change demotivating business practices into inspiring ones?

The Bellwether Survey

Lance Secretan defines “The Bellwether Effect” (his latest book) as, “copying the business practices of those who influence group behavior” – a poor reason for decision-making. Take this free quiz to see if you are a victim of The Bellwether Effect”.