We are all familiar with personality tests. With varying degrees of accuracy, they tell us something about the behavioral tendencies of individuals. Most of the available instruments are based on the work of Carl Jung.

Simpli5 is different. It is not a personality test—it is a means by which we understand the energy preferences of others. Imagine that four of us in a meeting each spoke a different foreign language. In order to communicate more effectively, we would need to modify our own language and learn a little bit about the other person’s language too, and the result would be a dramatic increase in connection, communication, productivity and performance.

Simpli5 works the same way. It is a three-minute assessment that helps us to understand the way that each of our brains is differently wired, which enables us to relate more powerfully, build stronger connections with others and align ourselves seamlessly behind a task or project. When I work with clients, I often see strategies executed poorly because of friction within the leadership team; and conversely, I see weak strategies brilliantly implemented because the implementation team is seamless and inspiring.

If you know what you do and why you do it (and you know this information about your colleagues), you can begin to align around a common goal and determine where to lean in and where to ask for support. Once you master this approach, you will no longer feel put off by individual differences. Instead, you will embrace them, because diversity is your strength, not your weakness.

We have always known people see the world differently. Now you will know why. From this foundation, you can build effective, productive, and collaborative organizations.

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Dr. Lance Secretan’s work, called Higher Ground Leadership® is based on the concept of transforming corporate cultures from a “leadership culture” to an “inspirational culture”. One of the most powerful sources of inspiration is the degree to which people enjoy relationships with others that are uplifting, energizing and productive. Simpli5 is the team platform utilized by Dr. Lance Secretan and his coaches and faculty. With a 3-minute investment of time, you can see how you and your colleagues show up in the project completion cycle. Simpli5 gives you customized and targeted advice that enables you to get more done by recognizing and appreciating cognitive diversity.