Thank you for your interest in Simpli5 (formerly 5Dynamics).  The company has repositioned their business model, shifting their focus from individuals to large enterprise relationships. As a result, we are no longer able to support Simpli5/5Dynamics, at this time.  We are working on a replacement and will have more news on this soon. If you would like more information about Spimpli5 please visit their website at Thanks for your understanding.

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Dr. Lance Secretan’s work, called Higher Ground Leadership® is based on the concept of transforming corporate cultures from a “leadership culture” to an “inspirational culture”. One of the most powerful sources of inspiration is the degree to which people enjoy relationships with others that are uplifting, energizing and productive. Simpli5 is the team platform utilized by Dr. Lance Secretan and his coaches and faculty. With a 3-minute investment of time, you can see how you and your colleagues show up in the project completion cycle. Simpli5 gives you customized and targeted advice that enables you to get more done by recognizing and appreciating cognitive diversity.