Vector 360° Leadership Survey

The Vector 360º Leadership Survey is based on Dr. Lance Secretan’s concept of Values-centered Leadership® and compares a leader’s perception of his or her operating style with the perception of their superiors, peers and subordinates.

A vector is defined as “a quantity, such as velocity, completely specified by a magnitude and a direction”. In other words, it measures the rate and direction of change.

Vector 360 Leadership

Excellence and high performance—anywhere: in our personal or professional lives—is achieved when we do these three things exceptionally well:
            1. Attain great levels of competence (Mastery),
            2. Build deep, inspiring and enduring relationships (Chemistry), and
            3. Serve others (Delivery).

Almost any activity in which we engage in life can be classified under one or more of these three headings. Try thinking of something that you do in your personal or professional life that is not comfortably contained within one or more of these: Mastery, Chemistry, or Delivery. These three are called the Primary Values.

We define each of these Primary Values as follows:
            1. Mastery: Undertaking whatever you do to the highest standards of which you are capable
            2. Chemistry: Relating so well with others that they actively seek to associate themselves with you
           3. Delivery: Identifying the needs of others, and meeting them

We achieve these three Primary Values through, respectively
            1. Learning: Seeking and practicing knowledge and wisdom
            2. Empathizing: Considering the thoughts, feelings and perspectives of others, and
            3. Listening: Hearing and understanding the communications of others

These last three are called “Accelerators,” because they accelerate the Primary Value to which they are attached. For example, greater Learning leads to greater Mastery. We call this combination Values-centered Leadership®.

Achieving Mastery, Chemistry, or Delivery cannot be achieved by wishful thinking alone. There are concrete actions and steps that we can each take that, when purposely applied, will lead to the enhancement and growth of these three Primary Values. In order to achieve greater Mastery, we must engage in new Learning. Similarly, if we wish to build greater Chemistry with people, we must first Empathize with them. And meeting the needs of others—Delivery—is best achieved by Listening for those needs.

These six little words are incredibly powerful because they propel all human progress, innovation, relationships, and achievements. There is nothing in the world that we cannot do if we learn something new that leads to greater Mastery, empathize with others that leads to greater Chemistry or listen to the needs of others in order to achieve greater Delivery.

This instrument measures how well we accomplish these 6 Primary Values and Accelerators and will show you:
            1. How you see yourself as a leader
            2. How you think others see you as a leader
            3. How others actually see you as a leader
            4. How you compare as a leader to the rest of your leadership team

First described in “The Way of the Tiger: Gentle Wisdom for Turbulent Times” and updated in “The Bellwether Effect”, this is an exceptional coaching model, and a valuable tool for leaders, managers, coaches, mentors and colleagues. Wallet-sized Vector Cards can be found here.
If you would like to evaluate the Vector 360° Leadership Survey, but do not have a Registration Code, please send us an e-mail and we will arrange for you to receive a complimentary survey so that you can do so.

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