The Beta Version of the Spirit@Work® Cards Mobile App

Help, Installation Guide and Explanation of Features

Shake your phone to reveal a card

Swipe, or use the left and right arrows to search for additional cards. The word described by each card is also shown at the top of each screen  above the card.

Tap on the card to read the abbreviated text as well as the artist’s description of the artwork. Tap again to reverse the card.

While the card is reversed, you can access the poem, and the full chapter with an extended description of your chosen word.

In the full text, some of the words are highlighted. Clicking on the highlighted word will take you directly to the card for that highlighted word.

Footer Buttons

Tap the community button to invite your friends to download and enjoy the app.

Tap the “spreads” button to find the appropriate spread for you today.

Tap the “video” button to watch a video of Dr. Lance Secretan and David Rankine (the artist who designed the artwork for the cards) describing how the cards were created.

Header Button

After you’ve chosen a card you can share it by tapping the share emblem in the top left corner. This will reveal the available platforms through which you can share.

Hamburger (three dots) Button

“Journal”: your selected cards are saved in your Journal. This is where the cards you have chosen are stored so that you can follow the history of the cards you have pulled each day.

To Be Today”: you will be invited to shake the phone to choose a card. The card chosen becomes your “To BE List” for the day. It cannot be removed (so you have to BE that for the entire day ☺) but expires at the end of each day. You will have the opportunity to select a new one the following day. There is also a separate area where you can create your “To Do List” as well.

“My Shared Cards” is where the cards you have shared with others are noted.

“My Received Cards” is where all of the cards sent to you by others are noted.

“Profile” contains your personal data.

“Settings” enables you to alter basic settings for the app.

“Tutorial” describes how to use the Spirit@Work® Cards and provides detail about each of the spreads. This Tutorial is also available at initial startup.