User Guide for the Spirit@Work® Cards Mobile App


  1. Go to the Google Playstore
  2. Search for “Spirit@Work Cards”.
  3. Install the app.


  1. Go to the Apple Store
  2. Search for “Spirit@Work Cards”.
  3. Install the app.

General Features

Shake your phone to reveal a randomly shuffled card

Swipe, or use the left and right arrows to search for additional cards. The word described by each card is also shown at the top of each screen above the card.

Tap on the card to read the abbreviated text and scroll up a little to reveal the artist’s description of the artwork. Tap again to reverse the card.

While the card is reversed, you can access the poem by clicking on the “poem” icon, which will give you the option of reading it or hearing Lance Secretan read it for you.

Use the back button to return to the previous menu.

While the card is reversed, you can also access the full chapter written for that card. Use the right arrow to move to the next page. Use the back arrow (twice) to return to the front of the card.

In the full text, some of the words are highlighted. Clicking on the highlighted word will take you directly to the card for that highlighted word.

On the top left corner there is a “share” icon.  It will reveal two options: 1) “Share with Community” which enables you to share your card with friends you have invited to your in-app community (see below), and 2) “Share with Others” which will reveal the social media, text and email options for sharing your card publicly.

Footer Buttons

“Journal”: When you choose a “spread” you will see an orange button, “+Add to Journal”, inviting you to save it to your journal. You can make notes in your journal about each of the spreads you have chosen. The trash can enables you to “delete all” your journal entries. The pencil icon enables you to make an entry in your journal alongside the spread you have chosen.

“Community”: Click on the + sign to invite people to join your community. This will present you with various options (email, social media, etc.) and they will get an invitation to download the app.

“Orange Shuffle Icon”: This button (A and Ώ = Alpha to Omega) returns you to the home page and shuffles a new card for you.

“Spreads”: This will take you to a page which lists a variety of different “spreads” you can use with your cards. Click on any of the 12 icons to choose the spread you want to use

“To Be Today”: Shake your device to select a card. The card chosen becomes your “To BE List” for the day. You are being asked to BE the quality described by that card. It cannot be removed (so you must BE that for the entire day ☺) but expires at the end of each day. You will have the opportunity to select a new one the following day. There is also a separate area where you can create your “To Do List” as well. Just click the + sign.


“Share with Community”: This orange share symbol enables you to share the card you have chosen with those you have added to your community. Using the search function reveals a keyboard and enables you to search for the friends that you have added to your community. This enables you to become up to date with the cards that are in the awareness of others and for you to do the same with them.

“Share to Others”: This button will bring up various options (text, email, social media, etc.) which you can use to share your card with others or publicly, using multiple formats.

After you’ve chosen a card, you can share it by tapping the share icon in the top left corner. This will reveal the available platforms through which you can share. If you share to social media, it will capture the card and include the graphic in your post. If you choose email or text, the recipient will receive an email describing the meaning of the card, together with an invitation to download the app.

Hamburger (three bars) Button

“E-book”: This will download an E-book titled “What We Got Wrong About Business” ($14.95 on Amazon but free with the upgraded version of the app) a collection of 29 essays written by 22 Pathfinders from Lance Secretan’s Higher Ground Community.

“Shared to Community”: This is where you can find the cards you have sent to your friends that you have invited to be in your community

“My Received Cards”: Here you will see a record of the Spirit@Work® cards that have been sent to you by your friends

“Video”: There are nine videos to be found here—an overview of the Spirit@Work® Cards, an explanation of Lance Secretan’s widely used CASTLE® Principles, followed by a video explaining each of the 6 principles, and a video in which Lance Secretan interviews David Rankine, the artist who designed the graphics of the cards, explaining how they came up with the artwork between them.

“Profile”: This is where you can enter all your account details. The pencil icon will enable you to enter or edit your information

“Tutorial”: This is a complete overview of the many uses, tutorials, spreads and approaches you can access in creative ways using the Spirit@Work® Cards. Click on any of the items shown to expand them.

“About Us”: Provides a brief overview of the cards and how to order the physical Spirit@Work® Cards should you choose to.