Reclaiming Higher Ground

Creating Organizations that Inspire the Soul
by Lance Secretan
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Dr. Lance Secretan has a radical idea. He believes people are yearning for spirit and values at work, and that the principal role of leaders is to build great organizations to meet that need. In Reclaiming Higher Ground, Secretan describes a model used by visionary leaders who are creating the inspired organization of the future.

For 15 years we have been urging employees to provide greater quality and service while we have been downsizing, restructuring and re-engineering them. The result has been a productivity-fueled boom for corporate North America. But now we have hit a wall. There is little room left to continue doing more with less and employees are reassessing their contract with life and work. So what’s next?

The future belongs to visionaries who create organizations that:

1. Inspire the soul by honoring and celebrating people
2. Ask questions more often than we offer answers

Secretan has a reality-tested vision of how to transform organizations. He will show you how to build what he has termed a “sanctuary,” based on restoring spirit and values at work, asking questions instead of always having ready answers and recognizing that the personality has limits and that inspirational leaders connect with the Soul:

Reclaiming Higher Ground will stir your heart like never before as you learn you how to:

• Inspire others with breakthrough ideas that go beyond conventional management theory
• Move people far more deeply than we tend to in modern organizations
• Restore and build individual self-esteem and passion
• Introduce insights that can be translated and applied in a practical way, inspiring people to unusual heights

The book, together with resources found on this website, offers a comprehensive system for raising the level of inspiration in any organization.

Want to start a book discussion group? We’ve created a book discussion outline here, where you will find information on how to begin a dialogue about key ideas from the book and ways to deepen your knowledge of the ideas and concepts described in them.

"This book was both a high point and turning point for me. It started a movement and eloquently shows the path to being an inspired leader and building an inspiring organization. It is both practical and altruistic. I have suffered a few disappointments over the years with the way some business operate and found the perception of what you needed to do as a business owner betrayed a deep disregard for relationships. Reclaiming Higher Ground is in alignment with what it takes to be a good leader and a good human being. Reclaiming Higher Ground and the understanding of using story to place people on the map of a post heroic journey is something that is more aligned with the current time and business culture. When first published, it was ground breaking work and remains so today. From the title and the philosophy of Reclaiming Higher Ground, came the more recent name of our company – StoriedGround."

Mark Jenkins