Arnie Wohlgemut

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Arnie Wohlgemut has over 25 years of experience working in and for various government agencies. Arnie helped aspiring peers and co-workers to become authentic service-minded leaders. He has devoted his life to inspiring others in environments that so often can be uninspiring. His first leadership challenge came from a college professor who asked him “What type of leader are you going to be?” This “Destiny, Character and Calling” question led him to the pursuit of deeper leadership experience and knowledge; however it was not until he read “Reclaiming Higher Ground” written by Dr. Lance Secretan that he really felt a connection between himself and the teachings. With this inspiration he founded KP Mylene “Building to Lead” in his home town of Waterloo Ontario Canada. Through mentoring and coaching, he helps his clients in their pursuit of purposeful change in their lives both at work and at home. Arnie is very pleased to be associated with Higher Ground Leadership®.

Super Powers

Leading with integrity – where inspiration and empathy meet. A coach and consultant who is a people person and a systems thinker. Promotes decisions be made with integrity, Analytical, inquisitive visionary – understands the wider picture of processes, it’s affect on people, budget, organizational structure and staffing; Building science and facility operations expert – understands that without people, buildings would not be needed. facilities would not operate, be maintained or serviced and we would have no need to create safe healthy environments where inspiration and creativity can flourish.