Bill Richardson

Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

Bill’s calling is to foster kindness, collaboration and courage through inspiring leadership and lifelong learning. He comes by his nurturer voice naturally having spent the first 18 years of his life on his parent’s farm in southern Ontario, Canada. While the farm shaped his core values, his 50 + years of leading transformational change in both companies and individuals shaped his deep commitment to the idea that kindness, collaboration and courage matter, especially in today’s turbulent times.

Bill is a certified Higher Ground Leadership® Coach who naturally embodies and models the Higher Ground Leadership® sacred principles and Values-centered Leadership® techniques. He is particularly interested in persuading individuals in the last third of their life that, despite the outer evidence of aging, their inner authentic self can continue to evolve and blossom relatively unimpeded. By inspiring them to persist in manifesting their hopes and dreams, they will be able to live their life in a meaningful way with a genuine sense of peace, wisdom and fulfillment right up to the end. For Bill, Higher Ground Leadership® principles and values provide the blueprint for “a life well lived”.

Super Powers

If you have spent a life accomplishing all your goals and yet feel incomplete or empty then I would love to meet you to discuss how to fill that void. Maybe you haven’t achieved all your goals and feel like you are constantly chasing that elusive feeling of satisfaction and joy, I can also offer you some guidance.