Bill Todd

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Is your Prana swirling elegantly through your heart, your head, your voice? Are you living in a consistent state of grace and experiencing everyday magic in the full spectrum of life? Do you regularly experience Transcendence – when you pinch yourself thinking; “it’s hard to believe life can be this beautiful?”

To be a Transcendent Human Being means BE-ing Integrated. Joyful. Energized. Aware. Moment to moment. Achieving Transcendence is not necessarily complicated, but it helps to have a Soul Friend who will love you, support you, inspire you and guide you. I will be your Soul Friend and guide you to a Transcendent state of BE-ing.

Our journey is to Transcendent Wholeness. To experiencing your life on an entirely new and elevate plain. Together we will create a personalized journey to take you beyond goals and striving to a place of deep acceptance and harmony. A place where doors open before you knock. Oneness. Transcendence. When you are ready, I am waiting for you.

Super Powers

Transformational business advisory and executive coaching of entrepreneurs; galvanizing and leading people in common cause; comprehending social complexity; quickly achieving trust and confidence from a diversity of people; open hearted and open minded; embodied spirituality and humility; engaging all people and animals with positive regard; even tempered, healthy mind wellbeing and resilience; consistent self care, self improvement and learning; passion, enthusiasm and discipline; inspiring people to take action.