Jill Haas

Howell, MI

After three successful careers in automotive, sales and nursing, Jill has extensive experience in several bodies of work, ranging from the auto body to the human body, and is now delving into the whole human: Body, mind, and soul. Her clients are “Sensitive”, heart-centered humans who may identify as empaths, intuitives, creatives, coaches and healers. They are not only serious about creating inner peace and freedom now but are also ready to do what it takes to unlock their full potential and experience what they truly desire.

Jill Haas, a Professional Certified Coach, Certified Equine Guided Learning (EGL) Facilitator/Coach provides therapeutic, multidimensional coaching in her programs resulting in an immersion of deep inner healing and transformation.

Super Powers

Transformational Whole Human Life Coaching: Releasing limiting beliefs/behaviors, Veteran Life Coaching,