Jodee Bock

Fargo, ND

Jodee Bock is a Thought Leader and a dynamic communicator and leadership expert who is committed to having REAL Conversations that matter with people who matter.

Jodee is a coach, consultant, speaker, author and facilitator, and everything she provides for clients and organizations has as its core the concept of REAL: Radical, Energized, Authentic, and Learning-focused.

Whether she is working with individuals or corporate teams, her messaging can be customized to address specific desired outcomes in the areas of Leadership, Communication, and Accountability.

She is the author or co-author of eight books including P.O.W.E.R. Tools @ Work, which creates a foundation for helping leaders build engaged and connected cultures. She offers both conversational tools and experiential tools to challenge and support people and teams to go beyond their current results to creating environments where people will feel honored and inspired.

Jodee is a Higher Ground Leadership Pathfinder, and also holds certifications in Life Purpose and Career Coaching, Extreme Leadership facilitation, and Job Relations facilitation.

Jodee hosts a weekly podcast, Circle Up & Get REAL, where she interviews thought leaders and offers new ways to consider common challenges and opportunities. She also leads a private Facebook group called Get REAL ( where members share ideas and challenges. Jodee hosts a weekly talk show called the Orange Chair Dialogue where she interviews a guest or two on Tuesday evenings, and also the Drop-In Dialogues on Thursday evenings where anyone is welcome to drop in and share ideas without an agenda.

Jodee enjoys singing with her barbershop chorus and her position as head scorekeeper for the North Dakota State men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Super Powers

Facilitating Dialogue; Leading Mastermind Gatherings; Engaging Audiences; Listening; Reflecting