Kerri Balliet

Milwaukee, WI

Kerri Balliet is a certified transformational coach. She works with clients to transform themselves from the inside out giving them the opportunity to live more meaningful, joyful, and authentic lives so they can achieve their bad-ass dreams instead of sitting on the sidelines.  After transitioning out of a 35-year corporate career, she started Red Baron Coaching in 2018, and has worked with many corporations and individuals to help people connect to their authentic self. That’s what creates freedom, alignment, joy, and fulfillment. Kerri brings decades of personal and professional experience, along with impressive training and credentials to her work as a transformational coach.

In 2019, she received her Transformational Leadership certificate from Cardinal Stritch, and her ACC transformational coaching accreditation from Coachville. In 2020, she received her certification as a Higher Ground Leadership® coach with The Secretan Center as well as her PCC transformational coaching accreditation.

Super Powers

Life coaching, leadership coaching, DiSC and 5 Behaviors Authorized Partner; workshop facilitator, speaker. Helping you to find and harness your power; understand and build your authenticity and uncover your limiting beliefs.