Lauren Flanagan

Lauren is the Founder/Director of Music and Mentoring House, a New York State non-profit that provides an affordable and transformational residency program along with hands-on mentoring to students studying in the arts in NYC. 

Music and Mentoring House fosters transformation through Courage, Authenticity, Service to others, Truthfulness, Love and Effectiveness. The CASTLE Principles®.

I have enjoyed a more than forty-year career as a leading opera singer that included performances at the Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, Glyndebourne, the New York City Opera, ten world premieres, one movie, Death to Smoochy, eleven CD’s, and five Live From Lincoln Center telecasts and I’m not done yet!!

I am actively working towards ICF certification through and am an active member of Higher Ground Leadership® Community. If your artistic life has stalled or you are looking for new inspirations, I’m your girl.