Lynnea Hagen

San Jose, CA

Lynnea’s clients tend to be executives who want to exchange “stuckness” for passion. 

Her holistic “internal-external” approach and deep focus on purpose empowers clients to overcome challenges, increase profitability, and cultivate inspiring leadership. She specializes in helping people translate “work” into a personal passion or meaningful definition, which transforms how they live their lives– in, and out of, the workplace. Then she helps them craft steps to do that. 

As one client said, “You take all of the ‘stuff’ that’s out there, and in our minds, and you synchronize it”. 

She holds certifications in Life, Group, Small Business, and Executive coaching, as well as business planning and 90-day success plans. She has coached CEO’s, directors, and company presidents in a wide range of organizations, large and small.  Lynnea’s professional credentials include a management background with Disney and Pacific Bell/AT&T, and executive search firms. Clients include H.P., Cisco, Intel, The Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club of America, and dozens of small businesses ranging from machining companies, construction, MLM, financial, and legal.  She holds undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology, post-grad certificate in Info Systems management, and an MS degree in HR/Organizational Development.  Lynnea started coaching groups in 1987, which ignited her passion for helping others get out of their own way and achieve their dreams. 

She loves music, dancing, traveling, the arts (and her dog, Bizet). 

Super Powers

Liberator from “stuckness”, Bringer of balance, Facilitator for success and sales plans, Clarifier of challenges, Partner for your journey, Guide for growth, An objective, new pair of eyes, Booster from “mouse vision” to “eagle vision”.