Lynnea Hagen

San Jose, CA

Lynnea Hagen, MS, provides holistic coaching, teaching and retreat services to leaders and their teams. As owner of The Abundance Company, Lynnea is an international speaker, best-selling author, entrepreneur and collaborative leader. Lynnea is a featured guest for TV, radio, and online media, and hosted her own live-talk radio program, “Abundance Leadership”. She facilitated and coached  virtual boards of directors comprised of company presidents and CEOs.

She holds certifications in Life, Group, Small Business, and Executive coaching, as well as business planning and 90-day sales plans. She has coached CEO’s, directors and company presidents in a wide range of organizations, large and small.  Lynnea’s professional credentials include a management background with Disney and Pacific Bell/AT&T, and employee search firms. Clients include H.P., Cisco, Intel, The Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club of America, and dozens of small businesses ranging from machining companies, construction, MLM, financial, and legal.  She holds undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology, post-grad certificate in Info Systems management, and an MS degree in HR/Organizational Development.  Lynnea started coaching groups in 1987, which ignited her passion for helping others get out of their own way, and achieve their dreams

She loves music, dancing, traveling, hiking.  She resides in San Jose, CA.

Super Powers

Liberator from “stuckness”, Bringer of balance, Facilitator for success and sales plans, Clarifier of challenges, Grower of leaders, Partner for your journey, Guide for your growth, An objective, new pair of eyes, Booster from “mouse vision” to “eagle vision”, Cheerleader for achievements