Sue Lindsay

Queenstown, New Zealand

Accidental researcher, startup survivor, professional director, Master Executive coach, retained by leaders as a mentor, coach and strategist, Sue Lindsay is the CEO of Real Insight Now, an insights and strategy consultancy working with clients in New Zealand and Australia.

The unique approach Sue’s team brings to research places them at the cutting edge of talent and customer insight. Their work informs strategy and focuses leadership. This unique level of insight combined with her wide experience including as CEO of a Top 200 organisation, cofounder and CEO of a tech-based startup and extensive Governance experience mean that Sue is the perfectly aligned with senior executives, entrepreneurs and company directors serious about inspiring the full potential of their people, their business and the impact that both can have on creating a more inspiring future.

A shameless advocate for advancing the role of women, Sue partnered with Bank of New Zealand in delivering her Women in Business program to over 5500 women. Her Feminine Perspective research project continues to challenge the way business thinks about brand and leading diversity across the gender gap. Sue is the Founding President of The International Women’s Forum in New Zealand and serves on the Presidents’ Global Council.

A true pathfinder Sue lives and breathes authentic and inspirational leadership– she believes that now, more than ever, we are all being called to leadership – that this is not optional, that it is imperative – and not for the faint of heart. Sue is the perfect mentor, coach or strategist for leaders committed to developing their potential and impact as inspirational leaders, who create cultures, brands and businesses that make the world a better place.