Tim May

West Palm Beach, Florida
Tim May
It was a question I have experienced numerous times in my 25+ years of ministry.  I was challenged with this question on 9-11 when several of my Marines asked, “What do you think about turning the other cheek now?” But for some reason, when I was asked a similar question just recently, I began to wonder, “Does Christianity inspire anyone anymore?” 

I was teaching Christians at my church how to engage in political conversations without embarrassing themselves or Christianity.  The premise of the course was that we would always maintain our Christianity while engaging difficult people if our primary objective was to elevate the experience through love.  Each week I invited people to imagine what it would be like to wash the feet of the problematic person.  One of the participants, who was frustrated by this premise, asked, “Do you really believe love wins?”

What do I do?  Through my teaching, preaching, and writing, I inspire people to ask these kinds of challenging questions.  As a traveling companion, spiritual director, or coach, I stand shoulder to shoulder with people asking profound and challenging spiritual questions.  I guide people to learn how to be still and listen for the Divine Spark that resides within each of us.  Eventually, those listening and discerning experiences lead a person to want to develop a strategy for living an inspired life.  I help people organize their emotions and thoughts into a system that equips them to live an inspired life intentionally and consistently.  I call this process “Inspired Discipleship Made Simple.” 

I was certified as a Higher Ground Leadership® Pathfinder in 2021.  I continue working in partnership and consultation with Dr. Lance Secretan to maximize the usage of resources and tools like the CASTLE® Principles and Why-Be-Do® to guide people in the process of living a transformed and inspired life.

Super Powers

Transformational and Leadership Coaching through the John Maxwell Team, Certification in 5 Voices and 100X Leadership through GIANT Organization, DISC and MBTI Trainer. Doctorate in Church Leadership and Witness, 25+ years of ministry as a United Methodist Pastor and Navy Chaplain.