Dr. Lance Secretan, has been voted one of the 30 most influential Professional Coaches and the most influential Leadership Experts in the world by Global Gurus for 13 years in a row

Higher Ground Leadership® Coaching

All high performance individuals have coaches—athletes, artists, actors, singers, and, not least, leaders. In fact, everyone who aspires to something worthwhile, or remarkable, has a coach. Olympians would never win medals without a coach. At the very highest level of performance, many athletes and leaders work with multiple coaches, who, in turn, support the leader or athlete in excelling in different aspects of their activities. (see Lance Secretan’s blog about this).

At the heart of our coaching methodology is Higher Ground Leadership® and our world-renowned philosophy of the CASTLE® Principles.

"Lance was able to inspire me and help me focus in such a way that helped me “up my game” by providing clarity of purpose."

Rick Goldring , Former  Mayor of Burlington, Ontario

"Lance is interested in self-sustaining and dramatic improvement: what creates a positive energy that cannot be depleted? Lance teaches how inspiration and inspiring behavior transcend motivational fad, raise the game to the highest level, to the most people fastest; and are wholly integrated with one’s life (rather than seeing work life as separate from home life) thus creating a genuine, complete, and virtuous cycle."

Ken Bloom, Senior Partner, Korn-Ferry

"Lance - you are a fabulous coach and I hope you are savoring the successes you have helped me and our team to achieve as much as we are. You are a key contributor. Most importantly, you have helped me strive to be a better being."

Joe Reagan, Former President & CEO, St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association

"I have just completed the most challenging, and at the same time, best year in my entire career. Throughout that time, Lance has been my executive coach, and I couldn’t have done it without him."

Christopher M Todoroff, Former Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Humana Inc

"Lance Secretan has learned something that escapes most executives: that their employees have souls. Even better, Lance shows would-be leaders how to create organizations with soul-and the results to prove it."

John Brandt, President and Editorial Director, CEO Magazine; Former Editor-in-Chief, IndustryWeek

At its best, executive coaching is a holistic and transformational experience, touching every aspect of a person’s life—professional, personal, intellectual, technical, emotional, physical, spiritual and social.  This is because separating these aspects of ourselves, and working on them independently, is based on the illusion that they are separate.  In reality, these “separate” aspects of our lives are ONE—if we touch any one of them, we touch them all. This concept is shown in our Whole Human Coaching® model illustrated on the right.

A successful coach helps a client to achieve four outcomes:

  1. Personal growth, mastery and excellence
  2. Transformation
  3. Success (an external measure), and
  4. Joy (an internal measure)

An effective coach helps the client to change their own lives, the lives of others, and the world. Here is how it works.

Great coaches inspire. A coach develops an ongoing partnership that inspires others towards improved performance, greater quality and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. All great athletes have coaches – they wouldn’t be great without them – and greatness in life is no different. Coaches listen, observe and advise others based on their own experience and wisdom. They honor and support the sacredness, creativity and resourcefulness of those they coach. Coaching is an act of love and service.

From “Inspire; What Great Leaders Do“
by Lance Secretan, page xxxiii