Coaching with Dr. Lance Secretan

Engaging Lance Secretan as a Coach and Mentor

Why do outstanding individuals and leaders hire a coach? Because they know that to reach their true potential, attain breakthrough results and live an inspiring life, they must stretch, grow and be courageous. It’s true in sports, the arts and in business. An exceptional and seasoned coach helps a client to do this by being objective—free of any agendas or bias—offering independent, yet sympathetic wisdom. Exceptional coaches help to identify possibilities, share helpful experiences and techniques, guide clients in “reading” people, suggest fresh or different perspectives, and the tools and processes to get there. Great coaches bring wisdom and unique gifts that come from experience. Dr. Lance Secretan has been voted among the top coaches in the world, and has been a top-level confidant, coach, and mentor to leaders from a wide variety of organizations (Microsoft, Kaiser-Permanente, Humana, BP, Herman-Miller, Korn-Ferry, etc.) and in different disciplines from all over the world. He brings:

  1. Wisdom”: Voted as one of the world’s foremost thinkers about leadership, he literally “wrote the book” on inspirational leadership. He is a renowned pioneer in innovative methods of inspiring people and organizations, and an award-winning author of 24 books on leadership and inspiration.
  2. CEO/Leadership Experience: He has a deep understanding of what it takes to be a leader—he was CEO of Manpower Limited, building it, over 14 years, from scratch to an organization employing 72,000 full and part-time employees.
  3. Track Record: He consults and mentors globally with leaders—helping 6 companies to reach Fortune’s Best Companies to Work for in America list and counting 8 others on this list as his clients. In addition, 30 Secretan Center clients are on Fortune’s Most Admired Companies list.
  4. Thought Leadership: Dr. Secretan has been voted among the top 30 most influential though leaders in the world in coaching, as well as leadership, by Leadership Gurus, for twelve years running, and Speakers in America ranks him among the Top Five Leadership speakers. His firm, The Secretan Center, Inc., is ranked #1 in the world as an international Leadership Consulting firm by Leadership Excellence.
  5. Researcher, Author and Writer: He is the international best-selling author of 24 books on leadership and his personal memoir entitled, A Love Story.  He is a co-author of “Coach Me! Your Personal Board of Directors”, a compilation of coaching advice from the world’s top coaches and dozens of other books. He has been an award-winning columnist for many publications.
  6. Teacher and Academic: He has been an award-winning professor at two universities. He has several degrees including a Masters in International Relations from the University of Southern California (magna cum laude) and a Ph. D. from the London School of Economics (He interviewed the top 40 leaders of Egypt and Israel while researching conflict in the Middle East).
  7. Speaker: He addresses audiences around the world and was voted one of the nation’s top ten speakers, and one of the “top 21 speakers for the 21st century” by Successful Meetings magazine
  8. Community Service: He was the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Special Olympics World Winter Games and former Ambassador to the United Nations Environment Program, and former Chair of The Pay it Forward Foundation, and supports numerous community initiatives and organizations.
  9. Altruist: He has received many awards, including the prestigious International Caring Award (often referred to as the US equivalent of the Nobel Prize), whose other recipients include Jane Goodall, Mother Teresa, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter, the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis.
  10. Athlete: He is an expert skier, as well as a mountain biker, kayaker and hiker, dividing his time between homes in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and Ontario, Canada.

Another important reason leaders seek out Lance as a coach: they want their own lives to be like his. He is fit, athletic, brainy, balanced, connected, successful AND spiritual. He knows about relationships too—his remarkable marriage is the subject of one of his bestselling books. He is grateful for a loving family and a wide circle of friends. People, including leaders, want to know Lance’s secrets—how he lives such a blessed life.


Lance accepts a limited number of committed clients who are focused on making meaningful breakthroughs in their work and personal lives and achieving excellence that serves the world.

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“I worked with Lance Secretan during the transition to my current CEO position. Lance is experienced, professional and brings a unique perspective from his many years as an operating CEO. He is challenging, insightful and direct. I valued his counsel-he provided the wise ears and encouraging heart that I needed-and it worked"

John Koster, CEO, Providence Health (retired)

"Coaching with Lance was like having a lighthouse on the shore of my troubled sea. Lance cares, and he knows his stuff when it comes to leadership in turbulent times. The amazing thing about coaching with Lance was that whenever I would think: "Lance, you're crazy", it always turned out that he was right."

Dave Buck, CEO,

"During the transition to my current leadership position, Lance Secretan offered a sounding board, solid advice and deep experience that was extraordinarily valuable. As a result of many years as an operating CEO, he is wise and deeply grounded in the experience of being a CEO. He does not hold back his truth and represents a wonderful, highly intelligent partner for sharing ideas and candor. My path towards my present position was made easier through my work with Lance. He guided me through the process of finding a new role that is more aligned with my talents and passion – I am much happier for it."

Joe Calvaruso, Chief Innovation Officer, Presbyterian Health

"If I could choose but one person to work with for the remainder of my professional career, it is Lance. He is an inspirational leader who brings out the best in others, no matter what their title or task. He knows how to elevate everyone around him to achieve a level of excellence that is unexpected. His knowledge of corporate culture and leadership make him a huge asset to any corporation or organization looking to move to the next level. Lance successfully helped my organization earn a place on Fortune magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For list -- four years in a row."

Scott Regan, former Executive Vice President and COO, Memorial Health, Savannah, GA

"Lance Secretan has learned something that escapes most executives: that their employees have souls. Even better, Lance shows would-be leaders how to create organizations with soul-and the results to prove it."

John Brandt, President and Editorial Director, CEO Magazine; Former Editor-in-Chief, IndustryWeek
I would be delighted to talk with you about being your coach and creating a partnership together that fits your current situation, challenges and aspirations and helps you to grow and realize all of your potential. Call the Secretan Center Inc. at (519) 306-0393, or send us an e-mail.