Group Coaching

What is Group Coaching?

What is Group Coaching?

Coaching WordsLeadership is an energizing, challenging, and sometimes, lonely journey. It is always more effective when the leader has access to wise counsel—a guide who has traveled this path before—who can listen, advise, challenge and provoke, ask questions, support and teach.

Group coaching is a powerful alternative to one-on-one coaching. It is less expensive and, in many cases, just as effective. It is efficient—the conference, or video call, can be taken from anywhere—and it is economical. It also creates an opportunity for the team to learn about each other and to form stronger, more inspiring relationships.

In a VUCA world, the senior leadership team plays a critical role in shaping, guiding and modeling the new culture, values and practices, to which the organization aspires. Yet, they too, are on a rapid learning curve—changing the engine while the plane is flying. Group coaching creates a safe environment where a team can talk through significant issues together, build better relationships and become a more effective team—with an experienced coach as their guide. This enables every member of the team to share the same issues, be on the same page, learn from each other and commit to supporting each other on the shared journey towards creating an inspiring organization.

During group coaching calls you will have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen your personal mastery and leadership skills while supporting and coaching fellow group members.
  • Discover solutions to day-to-day challenges that significantly enhance your ability to reach milestones with the help of your colleagues.
  • Share learning among fellow team participants.
  • Fuse together as a high-performance team.
  • Enrich your business and personal life and see the oneness in them both.
  • Take advantage of individual coaching during group coaching sessions.
  • Develop and collaborate with a learning partner in the group with whom you can share and learn.
  • Share your challenges and aspirations in a non-judgmental environment.
  • Take advantages of the many resources at the Secretan Center.

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