Higher Ground Leadership® Coaching

People hire coaches to inspire them to grow from where they are to where they aspire to be, and a great coach sees through where a person is, to where they CAN be.
Lance Secretan

Higher Ground Leadership® Coaching is a rigorous approach to helping you achieve high-performancenot just in business, but in all aspects of your life. It is a one-to-one dialogue that seeks to discover and enhance personal and professional performanceand joy. It combines inner wisdom with innovative learning.

Who Can Benefit Most?

Live as if you were to die tomorrowHigher Ground Leadership® Coaching is a method of helping leaders (we are all leaders) discover their strengths, clarify their values, focus and direction, successfully meet challenges, build leadership skills, create inspiring relationships in all aspects of life and assist in discovering one’s Destiny, Character and Calling (Why-Be-Do®) and living the CASTLE® Principles in rich, meaningful, impactful lives. Our clients tend to be successful individuals who want to grow—including executives and senior leaders— often dealing with transition and change and committed to personal breakthroughs.

Our unique approach to Coaching (Higher Ground Leadership®) helps leaders think, envision possibilities, make wise decisions, wrangle strategic decisions, identify and nurture talent, foster creativity, integrate work, life and well-being, and clarify paths that lead to resolution of quandaries—and above all, to achieve breakthroughs and aspirations that, until now, have remained dreams. We support clients in transferring their learning into effective behaviors and actions that lead to enhanced personal and organizational results—in other words, breakthroughs that change their lives—and the world. This wholistic approach is called Whole Human Coaching®.

How does it work?

The coaching relationship begins with a dialogue with the client to determine the best format, schedule and plan for the client and the Higher Ground Leadership® Coach. The coach then interviews a group of colleagues, friends and family, who know the client well, to learn about the client’s  strengths, challenges, opportunities for growth, etc.. The client and coach then schedule an initial session called an “Intake Session” which normally takes between 1½ to 2 hours.  Future appointments between the client and the Coach are then scheduled—2 per month, usually for a minimum of one year (real change takes time!), each session lasting 50-60 minutes.

If you would like to learn more or discuss this breakthrough coaching approach, please contact us here.