Whole Human Coaching®

The Congruence Wheel


Answer each question, “How fulfilled am I in this aspect of my life?” on a scale of [0 = NOT AT ALL] to [10 = VERY).

The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch is Lance Secretan’s masterwork, the result of 35 years of research and practical field experience – which he calls Higher Ground Leadership® – developed through his research, client engagements, coaching and teaching experience. He has integrated his philosophy into a unified theory of inspired leadership. It is broad, effective, and extraordinarily inspiring, offering a comprehensive approach to being an inspiring person and therefore an inspiring and transformational leader. In this brilliant work, readers are presented with radical ideas about why we continue—in both our personal and professional livesto labor with ineffective methods that achieve ineffective results, and how to replace these methods with new thinking. The key is the integration of our whole lives—and what Lance Secretan has defined as Whole Human Coaching®