Higher Ground Leadership® Consulting

The work of the Secretan Center, Inc., called Higher Ground Leadership®, is not a “program”, it is a breakthrough philosophy that empowers people and organizations to achieve a uniqueness not shared by most others—inspiration.

Cultural Transformation

As Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. If we can get the culture of an organization (or sports team, or a family or any other entity) right, then we will have hit a home run. There is a general misconception that processes, transactional fixes and “programs” will do the job. But this is an illusion. The key to a great culture is inspiration. A team that is inspired will do whatever it takes to achieve greatness. We literally wrote the book on inspiration; in fact everything we do at the Secretan Center is focused on inspiration, and we would love to bring our award-winning and remarkably successful proprietary philosophy to you too.

Leadership Development

We spend $170 billion a year on leadership development and there are 244,000 books on Amazon about leadership, and yet, leadership is broken everywhere. It’s time to realize that “leadership” may not only be unteachable, but it may also be of doubtful value. Instead, what we are really looking for is inspiration. Our research shows that 80% of employees would quit their day jobs if they had a free choice. But if they were inspired, not only would they not quit, they would love their work and achieve remarkable things. We teach leaders how to recalibrate their approach to life and work by becoming inspiring leaders.

Strategy Formulation

Thousands of leaders have learned strategy from our experts. We have developed tools over the years that have transformed companies, individuals, governments and not-for-profits. We bring years of practice (running Fortune 100 companies) and expertise (teaching graduate students in elite universities, and executives in boardrooms and workshops globally). We would love to share our deep experience and knowledge in this field to help you create a unique strategy that inspires everyone.

ONE Dream®

Great organizations, cities, or countries share something not found among the mediocre—a dream. The power within a dream creates the passion that inspires, and this leads to high performance and personal fulfilment. This is true for corporations, not-for-profits, academia, government, institutions, communities, great athletes, entertainers and performers and for leaders—even countries—and especially for you and me.