Higher Ground Leadership®

The work of the Secretan Center, Inc., called Higher Ground Leadership®, is not a “program”, it is a breakthrough leadership philosophy that empowers organizations to achieve a uniqueness not shared by most others—inspiration.

The underlying principles of Higher Ground Leadership®, outlined in Lance Secretan’s bestselling masterwork,  The Spark, The Flame, and the Torch, are:

  1. Modern leadership theory is founded on the theories of motivation, but it is missing inspiration. People are yearning to be inspired and to work for inspiring leaders who build inspiring organizations based on meaning and fulfillment. To create inspiring organizations, leaders must first become inspired. This is The Spark.
  2. Once organizational leadership has become inspired, executives are able to inspire others and the world. This is The Flame.
  3. Just as important, is the role of organizations in our society to create a legacy—to mentor, lead, coach, teach, grow people and to ensure that what we build makes a difference and lasts. This is The Torch.

Higher Ground Leadership® transforms organizations through individual growth, and shares highly effective and practical tools for immediate day-to-day application. Higher Ground Leadership® focuses primarily on:

  1. Developing leaders at all levels
  2. Inspiring employees
  3. Developing professionalism in conjunction with spiritual and values-centered renewal in internal functions
  4. Reformulating and implementing strategies
  5. Innovation, creativity and achieving breakthroughs
  6. Developing talent and deepening relationships and internal cohesion and effectiveness
  7. Creating powerful and exemplary customer experiences

Where necessary, Secretan Faculty members can also assist in bringing the work inside the organization through facilitation, executive coaching and strategic mentoring.

Another option is our customized DreamQuest DVD-based Modular Learning Program which features a turnkey program in 19 modules describing the principles of Higher Ground Leadership® which can be used to teach these principles within your own organization.

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