Higher Ground Leadership® Residential Retreat


The Higher Ground Leadership® Residential Retreat is a five-day, intensive residential retreat led by Dr. Lance Secretan and a team of senior Secretan Center faculty members. This is not a program, but a life-changing experience in which participants are invited to be authentic, to undertake deep reflection and to connect with others in a way they may not have experienced before. Participants acquire an enlightening set of original concepts, let go of obstructing beliefs, and discover new and transforming insights. In short, they learn to experience, appreciate and practice the sacredness of everyday life and work. The purpose is to liberate the individual and dramatically improve team effectiveness.


Higher Ground Leadership® also provides highly effective and practical tools for immediate day-to-day application. Participants learn to implement Higher Ground Leadership® principles system-wide by teaching the concepts that they have co-created in the “Infusion Plan” segment of the retreat.


By holding subsequent retreats in a short period of time and sharing the resulting stories, and through a DVD-based, internally taught curriculum, the breakthrough thinking quickly transfers into all aspects of the organization. Secretan Center faculty members also bring the work inside the organization through executive coaching and strategic mentoring, eliminating consultant co-dependency.

Join Dr. Lance Secretan for a unique, inspiring and life altering experience.

Inspired people create inspired teams. Inspired teams create inspired communities. Inspired communities create an inspired world.