Inspiration in the Cloud - for Teams

A 13-Week Membership Plan for Teams

“Thank you for the thought provoking and deep dive conversations that you facilitate as part of the “Inspiration in the Cloud”, Higher Ground Leadership®” program.  It is a spot in my diary that I look forward to each week.  The way the group have jelled together and how we discuss issues that you would only expect very close friends to have, rather than just the usual ordinary business meeting in this environment, is truly inspiring.  Today we all had to rush off to our busy schedules, but afterwards I sat back and realized that what we were doing, and where we were at, added so much more value than what we all rushed off to.  In today’s work environment we need that time to step back and actually think about the “WHY” rather than just get in the daily grind of just processing.  To say I am a little scared of the next stages in the discussion is not a negative—in fact it is the complete opposite.  My mind has opened itself to a whole new way of thinking and also expressing myself in a way that can only benefit the people and teams in my life. THANKYOU for helping me to open the door in my mind and giving me the confidence to express the true me.  I would encourage everyone to get involved in this program.  It is not “just another course”, but a true journey into who we are and what we want to be.” 

Brent Whibley, Chief Executive, Patchell Group of Companies, Rotorua, New Zealand.

    • You are doing well—imagine how well you could be doing if your entire team was inspired!
    • Are you keen to deepen the relationships within your team and move to a new level of connection, effectiveness and performance?
    • Are you ready to connect with your colleagues, discuss bold ideas, apply breakthrough leadership approaches and recharge yourself and your organization?
    • Are you ready to make an impact and take action with your team-mates starting with thoughtful conversation?
    • Are you feeling called to champion a new paradigm of possibility—in your organization and in the rest of your life?
    • Are you ready for an inspiring, breakthrough experience? 

How it works:

Recently, 10 members of a corporate leadership team were having the worst year in their history. Ninety days later they were having their best year ever! The only thing that changed was the level of respect, compassion, awareness and love that the team developed for each other during that time. The result? Inspiring change in everyone’s personal and professional lives.

That is the goal of Inspiration in the Cloud for Teams.

Lance Secretan is the world’s foremost authority on Inspirational Leadership® and he uses these gifts to guide a one-hour weekly conversation with an organization’s leadership team who form a collaborative learning pod.

Members download the free mobile Spirit@Work® app from the Apple or Android stores prior to the conversation (see QR codes). When the phone is shaken, the app randomly shuffles the cards, presenting a unique word each time with a brief explanation on the reverse. This single word forms the basis for a stimulating conversation—and magic follows!

Lance presents small bites of valuable wisdom to deepen the conversation around the word chosen, using the multimedia format for which he is renowned, as he skillfully draws out the inner wisdom from each member. A spirited discussion ensues and learning deepens.  This one-of-a-kind format is a participant-inspired mixture of dialogue, “the wisdom of crowds” and improv. It engages all the senses, in an entertaining, educational—and above all, inspiring way.  The growth of connection between team members is extraordinary—and the resulting dramatic increases in work performance and life satisfaction are huge.


What is Included: