Inspiration in the Cloud - for Teams

A 13-Week Membership Plan for Teams

"Your "Spirit@Work" events came at such an important time in our humanity. They've provided needed healing and connectivity, amongst so much chaos and uncertainty. And your leadership and empathy have helped to facilitate some of the most beautiful and vulnerable conversations I've been a part of in recent times. I believe anybody on those calls feels the same way"

Meghann Dawson, Madison, WI

"After the first session with Lance, I couldn’t wait for the following week to connect with him as well as the other participants … it has become a weekly highlight for me. Each session is well curated, insightful and has transformed how I think about myself and the world around me. Lance creates a culture of inclusiveness, I didn’t know many of the attendees beforehand, however Lance has a great ability to ensure we were all comfortable to share and provide our own insights. This has been one of those magical leadership moments!"

Stephen Broad-Paul, Queenstown, New Zealand


"I find myself looking forward after each Friday to the next one and hanging on every word, every quote and every insight. I haven't ventured my own thoughts as I am so enjoying listening to everyone. This has been a great way to truly connect spirituality with work adding the depth to the Why, the Be and the reason to Do. Sharing knowledge is a gift. It allows us all to share further and be part of the change in the world that will take us to an ever-greater place. Thank you, Lance."

Toni Glover, Kinloch, Glenorchy, New Zealand

"Lance's online Zoom video sessions give me an opportunity to pause, reflect and absorb wisdom. I always walk away inspired, enriched, and refreshed. It's a reminder to not underestimate the power of taking time to feed your soul."

Sue Pak, Auckland, New Zealand

"I have taken part in a number of fascinating and inspiring conversations with Dr. Lance Secretan. His research, knowledge and experience together with a practical and down to earth manner combine to allow a very open discussion about all aspects of leadership in a gentle, positive and accessible way. The use of the Spirit@Work® cards can open or deepen any conversation in a relevant and often uncanny style that never fails to resonate. I have found it to be an extremely useful framework to begin to explore the deep emotional forces that drive us to do what we do and to be who we are"

Tony Dench, Takapuna, New Zealand

"For anyone serious about developing their leadership skills with the view of becoming more present and conscious with their people, I totally recommend this profound and timely experience with Lance Secretan"

Dylan Ditchfield, New Zealand

"I joined Lance Secretan and the Higher Ground Leadership® community at the height of the global lock-down caused by Covid-19. These on-line calls quickly turned out to be a community of like-minded, inspired individuals who—under the guidance of Lance’s leadership wisdom, contributed immensely to honing and sharpening my own intentions for personal & professional leadership. The process unfolded in more creative and inspired ways of being, aligned with humanistic and spiritual values that our world is crying out for so much, especially at this time of crisis and necessary transformation."

Stephan Hein, London, UK

"I met Lance Secretan in 2005. Ever since that time, Lance has never ceased to inspire me and others. His passion for Compassionate and Inspirational Leadership, both at the personal and organizational level, truly is his calling. The simplicity of his CASTLE® model is what makes it so effective to bring into a daily practice. Lance’s desire to bring more love and connection into the world was again demonstrated when he started his “Inspiration in the Cloud” Zoom calls to ensure the community remained connected and inspired during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every week, Lance uses his unique ability to inspire us in a way that touches the heart. These calls are a boost of energy and inspiration that are greatly needed during these difficult times. Thanks Lance!"

Elizabeth Skronski, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada

    • You are doing well—imagine how well you could be doing if your entire team was inspired!
    • Are you keen to deepen the relationships within your team and move to a new level of connection, effectiveness and performance?
    • Are you ready to connect with your colleagues, discuss bold ideas, apply breakthrough leadership approaches and recharge yourself and your organization?
    • Are you ready to make an impact and take action with your team-mates starting with thoughtful conversation?
    • Are you feeling called to champion a new paradigm of possibility—in your organization and in the rest of your life?
    • Are you ready for an inspiring, breakthrough experience? 

How it works:

Recently, 10 members of a corporate leadership team were having the worst year in their history. Ninety days later they were having their best year ever! The only thing that changed was the level of respect, compassion, awareness and love that the team developed for each other during that time. The result? Inspiring change in everyone’s personal and professional lives.

That is the goal of Inspiration in the Cloud for Teams.

Lance Secretan is the world’s foremost authority on Inspirational Leadership® and he uses these gifts to guide a one-hour weekly conversation with an organization’s leadership team who form a collaborative learning pod.

Members download the free mobile Spirit@Work® app from the Apple or Android stores prior to the conversation (see QR codes). When the phone is shaken, the app randomly shuffles the cards, presenting a unique word each time with a brief explanation on the reverse. This single word forms the basis for a stimulating conversation—and magic follows!

Lance presents small bites of valuable wisdom to deepen the conversation around the word chosen, using the multimedia format for which he is renowned, as he skillfully draws out the inner wisdom from each member. A spirited discussion ensues and learning deepens.  This one-of-a-kind format is a participant-inspired mixture of dialogue, “the wisdom of crowds” and improv. It engages all the senses, in an entertaining, educational—and above all, inspiring way.  The growth of connection between team members is extraordinary—and the resulting dramatic increases in work performance and life satisfaction are huge.


What is Included: