Political Advisory Services

Dr. Lance Secretan has a passion for rebuilding the integrity and inspiration of politics. He is an optimist who refuses to believe that our political systems are broken or irreparable. He has coached political leaders and advised political systems which, in turn, have led to their resurgence, helping them to restore respect and win back the approval of citizens and achieve new levels of performance and service excellence.

It is a difficult journey that requires fresh thinking, commitment and discipline. It involves every player in the community, gathering their passion and channeling it into big ideas and dreams. In the process these communities become the ones that others admire, that smart well-educated people migrate to, that corporations relocate to and invest in, where jobs are created, the environment honored, and transparency, safety, service, frugality, transportation, technology, communications, education and justice are all a daily practice.

History shows that great political leaders cut their teeth in local politics, learned how to be exceptional and inspiring stewards for their constituents and they, in turn, inspired and propelled their leaders to greater things.

If you would like to know more about the Secretan Center’s Political Advisory Services, please contact us at: info@secretan.com.