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Over the last few years people have spoken with me about a growing loss of personal inspiration. Some have even lost their inspiration altogether, replacing it with an unhealthy sense of helplessness. Pandemics, corporate incompetence and malfeasance, recessions, terrorism, wars, mass shootings, polarized politics, inflation, job loss, declining mental health, climate change, opioid and drug crises, corruption, fake news, and more, have drained inspiration from people’s lives. And it has obscured people’s capacity to see the goodness in life and each other.

But we do not need to feel this way. We may not be able to rearrange the world exactly as we would like it to be, but we can regain our lost inspiration, even in the face of so much that seems broken.

The Higher Ground Community is a place for you to learn, grow and live an inspiring life. Membership enables you to participate in weekly “Inspiration in the Cloud” Zoom sessions, network with your fellow members, and learn the latest teachings of Lance Secretan, 

Perhaps you have wondered, “What would it be like to reclaim our lost inspiration, even in the face of so much global disarray, and be free from disillusionment, despair, withdrawal and cynicism?” What could each of us do to find this kind of inner peace and inspiration? 

The Higher Ground Community is a sanctuary for you to learn, practice, network, collaborate, and awaken in a community of kindred spirits. We will look deeply into the sources of inspiration, how we nurture our spirits and change the world.

I look forward to travelling with you on this path.

Subscribe for free weekly, “Inspiration in the Cloud” Zoom meetings, networking, chat, and teachings with Lance Secretan

We are a growing community of like-minded people from every walk of life who share a passion for becoming more inspired and creating a more inspired world. 

Even though the world can feel uninspiring at times, we have the power and the tools to make a difference. The Higher Ground Community is a sanctuary where we can make this happen. We have a unique chance—a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—to turn our lives, and our world, into the inspirational experience it was always meant to be.

Lance Secretan has spent his life helping some of the greatest leaders and organizations in the world become more inspiring, and he is now dedicating his life to sharing what he has learned with you and this growing community of fellow travelers.


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We are all urgently yearning to be inspired—and that is different from being motivated (watch this video).