Forums and E-learning

Forums and E-learning

Why-Be-Do® Discussion Forum

A central theme in Dr. Lance Secretan’s books, The Spark, the Flame and the Torch and Inspire: What Great Leaders Do, is the concept of Destiny (WHY I am here), Character (how I will BE and what I will stand for), and Calling (what I will DO)—Why-Be-Do®. To know one’s our “Why-Be-Do®”—is liberating and empowering. It inspires us and therefore others. Here you can submit your “Why-Be-Do®” and gain inspiration from the examples of others.

E-Work Room

This is a private, password-protected, E-learning Work Room available only for Certified Higher Ground Leadership® Pathfinders, Higher Ground Leadership® Coaches and designated clients. It contains a large number of proprietary tools, surveys, forms, guides, and instruments to assist in the implementation of Higher Ground Leadership® Principles.

Higher Ground Community® chat room

This is a private chat room for current members of the Higher Ground Community®.