Higher Ground Leadership® starts with the assumption that we are all leaders—at home, at work, in the schoolyard, as parents and  spouses, and as citizens—in fact, everywhere we live our lives. It  is a breakthrough philosophy that enables us all to achieve a  uniqueness not shared by most others—inspiration. It is built on  the simple concept (seldom practiced, because it is not always  easy), that inspiration trumps motivation, and that inspiration is the  reason we do everything—or not.

The underlying principles are:

Modern theories are founded on the theories of motivation. But missing from our approach is inspiration—and there is a big difference between the two (watch this video). People are yearning to be inspired and to live and work with inspiring people and colleagues who build inspiring places to live, work and play, based on values, meaning and fulfilment. In order to create these inspiring environments though, we must first become inspired ourselves, for we cannot give what we do not have within us. We cannot inspire others if we ourselves are uninspired. We do this by understanding the purpose of our lives, creating a dream, and using language that inspires others. This is The Spark.

Once we have become inspired ourselves, we are then able to inspire others. This is how great things are achieved—not just by leading, but—more importantly—by inspiring…by living with principles and values that are vital to each of us and inspiring for others. We reach for greatness when we are inspired to do so. These are the CASTLE® Principles. This is The Flame.

Just as important is the role of each of us, our families, communities, organizations, and society, to create a legacy—to mentor, lead, coach, teach, grow people and to ensure that what we build makes a positive difference and lasts. This is how we change the world. This is The Torch.

Reawakening the Human Spirit describes the core principles at the  heart of Dr. Lance Secretan’s philosophy.