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We created the Higher Ground Community as a learning center for those who wish to help create a better and more inspiring world. Our Community is a sanctuary for you to learn, practice, network, collaborate, and awaken in a Community of kindred spirits.

The Higher Ground Community is a place for you to learn, grow and live an inspiring life.

There are two membership levels: MEMBER and PATHFINDER.


Members are individuals who wish to make the world better and who seek to learn the latest thinking about being more inspired oneself, and more inspiring for others.

Included benefits for Members are:

  • Weekly “Inspiration in the Cloud” Zoom sessions
  • Private Chat forum with opportunities to network
  • Access to Lance’s latest teachings 
  • Occasional learning events and meditations
  • Member-only discounts on all Secretan Center products


  • Your first week of membership is FREE
  • One month is $34.95
  • Three months is 89.95
  • One year is $314.95

Over the last few years people have spoken with me about a growing loss of personal inspiration. Some have even lost their inspiration altogether, replacing it with an unhealthy sense of helplessness. Pandemics, corporate incompetence and malfeasance, recessions, terrorism, wars, mass shootings, polarized politics, inflation, job loss, declining mental health, climate change, opioid and drug crises, corruption, fake news, and more, have drained inspiration from people’s lives. And it has obscured people’s capacity to see the goodness in life and each other.

But we do not need to feel this way. We may not be able to rearrange the world exactly as we would like it to be, but we can regain our lost inspiration, even in the face of so much that seems broken. The Higher Ground Community is the place where we inspire each other.


Pathfinders are members of the Higher Ground Community who wish to teach Higher Ground Leadership® and use it in their teaching, coaching and leadership roles. Pathfinders attend a 16-week Masterclass, complete a Practicum and join their colleagues in building connections with fellow Pathfinders, collaborating with, and learning from them. 

Pathfinders receive all the benefits that Members receive (shown above), plus:

Pathfinders collaborate on projects – for example, we arranged for several Pathfinders to become certified as Lumina Learning practitioners; certified Pathfinders are listed in our directory on our website; we also published an eBook together and we collaborate to develop new initiatives together every year. We also collaborate on client assignments and generate sales opportunities wherever possible.

We check in with the entire Community on the fourth Wednesday of every month EXCEPT July and August. We share the latest developments in the community, initiate projects and share opportunities and insights, and we provide Pathfinders with 5 advanced tutorials throughout the year. 


January 25, 2023; 1030-1130 Eastern

February 22, 2023; 1030-1130 Eastern

March 22, 2023; 1030-1130 Eastern

April 26, 2023; 1030-1130 Eastern

May 24, 2023; 1030-1130 Eastern

June 28, 2023; 1030-1130 Eastern



September 27, 2023; 1030-1130 Eastern

October 25, 2023; 1030-1130 Eastern

November 22, 2023; 1030-1130 Eastern

December 27, 2023; 1030-1130 Eastern


The annual membership fee for Pathfinders is $1000.

…and we provide five 90-minute, advanced educational classes, which we call tutorials: 


February 16, 2023 – 1500-1630

April 20, 2023 – 1500-1630 

June 22, 2023 – 1500-1630

September 14, 2023 – 1500-1630

November 23, 2023 – 1500-1630


Perhaps you have wondered, “What would it be like to reclaim our lost inspiration, even in the face of so much global disarray, and be free from disillusionment, despair, withdrawal and cynicism?” What could each of us do to find this kind of inner peace and inspiration? 

The Higher Ground Community is a sanctuary for you to learn, practice, network, collaborate, and awaken in a community of kindred spirits. We will look deeply into the sources of inspiration, how we nurture our spirits and change the world.

I look forward to travelling with you on this path—please choose the opportunity that best fits your personal aspirations.