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Join us weekly on Zoom

In 2020 Lance Secretan started a series of weekly Zoom calls as a free community service for frontline workers during Covid. They were so successful he decided to expand the idea to include everybody. Each Thursday since, he has been hosting a Zoom discussion at 11 a.m. Eastern Time for participants from across the world, who join in an inspiring and deep conversation about the things in life that matter. We call these conversations “Inspiration in the Cloud”. It is a confidential experience that unlocks and explores ideas that help participants lead inspiring personal and professional lives. We use the free mobile Spirit@Work® app available from the Apple or Android stores to jump-start the conversations (see QR codes).

As the world’s foremost authority on Inspirational Leadership®, Lance gently guides the conversation, adding a little teaching and mentoring, using the sumptuous multimedia for which he is so well known. He shares small bites of valuable wisdom that deepen the conversation and skillfully draws out the inner wisdom from each member.  A spirited discussion ensues and learning and personal growth deepens. This process is repeated, generating a unique mixture of dialogue, sharing, community, teaching and group coaching. It is a one-of-a-kind, participant-inspired experience, engaging all the senses, through an unparalleled experience of personal development, learning and inspiration. In time, participants become “family”. Become a member of our growing family this week.