An Invitation to Join our Community to Create a More Inspired World

by Oct 25, 20220 comments

In this blog I would like to update you about a big “refresh” that we are launching.

We have created a movement to “Create a More Inspired World”. It is called The Higher Ground Community, and we would like you to join us. Our world is hurting and I am sure you will agree that it is time for us all to reclaim our inspiration and to inspire others. Our work in this community is important and we want to share it with as wide an audience as possible. Here is our new approach:

As you know, we have been hosting “Inspiration in the Cloud” Zoom calls every Thursday at 1100 EDT for nearly three years. They have provided a sanctuary for spiritually aware people in these challenging times. Central to our work is Higher Ground Leadership® and our Spirit@Work® mobile app which has been completely revised – the latest version has just been released. The app has been a magnet for those seeking inspiration for many years and continues to do so.

The “The Higher Ground Community” we are building is a network of consultants, trainers, coaches, therapists, pastors and many others, all of whom share a desire to “create a more inspired world”.

Going forward, we are merging the Higher Ground Community and Inspiration in the Cloud. When you join this community, you will have unlimited access to the weekly Inspiration in the Cloud Zoom sessions, as well as a chat room, networking opportunities, discounts on Secretan books, surveys, coaching and training products and occasional teachings with Lance Secretan.

We have set the membership fees for the Higher Ground Community membership at the very affordable $34.95 for a month, $89.95 for a 3-month subscription and $314.95 for the entire year. And you can try it out with a no-commitment, 7-day free trial.

Please consider becoming a member of The Higher Ground Community at these introductory prices so that you can continue to enjoy our weekly Inspiration in the Cloud sessions at greatly reduced prices and network with like-minded souls who are committed to making the world a more inspiring place. I hope to see you again soon at our next Inspiration in the Cloud session which is next Thursday at 1100 EST.

PS I welcome your feedback – I am open to tweaks and improvements that you might suggest!