Give the Gift of Love – “A Love Story”

by Mar 8, 20170 comments

Why do we aspire to love?  Because, as Julian Barnes so eloquently states in his luscious book, Levels of Life, “…love is the meeting point of truth and magic”.  Being in love—truly in love—is a magical experience that removes artifice and anything inauthentic. Paradoxically, so few people experience this, and yet, for those who are prepared to do the necessary work, this magical realm is freely available to all.

Spring is the time of year when new love flourishes. It is the time of year too, when those who do not have love in their lives feel its absence the most.

My latest book, A Love Story: An Intensely Personal Memoir, describes the joy of true love. It also includes some pointers about how you can create the same magic with another.

As Bonnie Hathcock, former SVP of Human Resources at Humana Inc. has described it:

This book is magnificent! I just told someone today it is probably the most beautiful book I’ve ever read. It is written with such lovely insight and gorgeous expressions. A book from the author’s heart yet interwoven with his brilliant mind. I truly love it! It is at once bittersweet and unforgettable. Personal and generously open. Touching and compelling. Vibrant and spiritual. Oh, the poetry. It touched me so.

During this season of love, I offer you two possibilities:

  1. Visit the Secretan Center e-store if you would like to give A Love Story to your friends or family as an expression of love at this special time of year (use the discount code “love” to obtain a 30% saving). You can also order directly on or  It is also available on – with me reading the entire book.
  2. I have completed about 50 radio interviews during the last year and one of my favorites was with David McMillian. He did a terrific job of putting a magical radio show together and you can listen to it for free here—I believe you will love it and that it will inspire you.

As you prepare to welcome Spring, how will you bring more love into your life – at home and at work?