New Masterclass: Reawakening the Human Spirit

Dr. Lance Secretan has created a new Masterclass based on his forthcoming book, “Reclaiming the Human Spirit”. For many people, the world seems to be less inspiring than before, and this course will renew participant’s sense of inspiration – in work and in life. This will be an invigorating journey that will reignite your inspiration and help you to do  the same for others.

You are invited to join me on a new adventure!

My next book, “Reclaiming the Human Spirit”, is being edited now. I wrote this book because I have noticed a precipitous decline in the level of personal inspiration among those with whom I work or socialize. Many people have even lost their inspiration altogether, replacing it with an unhealthy sense of helplessness. Pandemics, corporate incompetence and malfeasance, recessions, terrorism, wars, mass shootings, polarized politics, inflation, job loss, declining mental health, climate change, opioid and drug crises, corruption, fake news, and more, have drained inspiration from people’s lives. And it has obscured people’s capacity to see the goodness in life and each other. Perhaps you feel like this some days?

None of us need to feel this way. We may not be able to rearrange the world exactly as we would like it to be, but we can regain our lost inspiration, even in the face of so much that seems broken. Anaïs Nin wrote, “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are”

This is a book about our times, a guidebook for reawakening our lost inspiration.

Starting on September 8, 2022 I will be running a 90-minute Masterclass for 16 weeks, based on the pre-publication version of the book. We will limit the size of the class to ensure close engagement. Prior to each class, participants will review one of the chapters from the book, which will form the basis for a deep exploration of the topic covered. The cost for the entire course is just $2000.

If you would you like to be considered as a candidate for enrollment in this new project, register here.