New Masterclass: Reawakening the Human Spirit

Dr. Lance Secretan has created a new Masterclass based on his forthcoming book, “Reawakening the Human Spirit”. For many people, the world seems to be less inspiring than before, and this course will renew participant’s sense of inspiration – in work and in life. This will be an invigorating journey that will reignite your inspiration and help you to do  the same for others.

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You are invited to join me on a new learning adventure!

When the world feels uninspiring, how do we regain our inspiration? And how do we inspire others? We are experiencing an unprecedented roiling of human experiences, and in this book, you will find a life-plan for reorienting your life, your perspectives, and your well-being—in short, a pathway that will Reawaken Your Human Spirit.

This ambitious book will help you gain a new and deeper insight into your life and the inspiring role you were born to play—as a leader, parent, sibling, offspring, friend, citizen (and human being, because you are this foremost).

You will learn how to inspire yourself, and as a result, everyone else in your life. Inspiration will once again shine through the windows of your world.

Let Lance Secretan be your guide on an uplifting journey to reclaim what has been  lost—the sense of inspiration you knew as a child, so that you can live again, childlike, filled with innocence, not cynicism; with love, not fear; with generosity, not greed; with your spirit guiding you, not your ego. You are about to reboot your life, igniting a spark in you, rekindling your flame so you can be a torch in the world.

During these seismic changing times, it can feel difficult to be inspired in a world that does not always feel inspiring—yet this presents a hidden opportunity for a radical shift in our consciousness. Lance Secretan has spent 50 years figuring this out, sharing and exploring his profound discoveries and experiences with you. The result is his forthcoming book, Reclaiming the Human Spirit. 

There is renewed momentum in the world to create more inspiration in our personal, work, political, and academic lives—in fact, everywhere. If you are a part of this momentous transformation to build a better world and to become inspired again, you will love this work.

This is a book, and a course for our times, a guide for reawakening our lost inspiration.

Our next Masterclass begins on September 7th, 2023 until December 21st, 2023 inclusive, each week for 90-minute Masterclass from 2-3:30 PM EST, for 16 weeks. We will limit the size of the class to ensure maximum personal time together. Prior to each class, participants will review one of the chapters from the book, which will form the basis for a deep exploration of the topic covered. 

If you would you like to be considered as a candidate for enrollment in this new project, register here.

“The impact on everyone following the Masterclass based on Reawakening the Human Spirit has been, as I had hoped, inspiring and life changing. I told all my people before we started that this would be the case, because I believed it in my heart, mind, and soul, but it is amazing to see and experience the transformation. It is only possible to truly understand it by experiencing it. And it has surpassed my hopes. THANK YOU from ALL of US!”

Eric Simmons, CEO, Asigra Inc.