The Higher Ground Leadership® Masterclass - our Flagship Learning Experience

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Next Public Event: Copper Mountain, CO, (March 2023)

I have been blessed with a long, adventurous and remarkable life. I have learned a lot, worked with amazing people all over the world, and, hopefully, helped millions of people embrace, and practice, more inspiring and spiritual lives at home and at work. I would love to share that knowledge gained over 60 years with you—especially if you share my dream to Create a More Inspiring World. If you share this passion with me, then the Higher Ground Leadership® Masterclass is for you.

An Overview of the Higher Ground Leadership® Masterclass:

 (We offer the Masterclass to the public as well as Corporate Leadership Teams)


The Higher Ground Leadership® Masterclass event consists of three parts:

  1. The Virtual Learning Experience: This takes place on Zoom over eight weeks. It is an intensive immersion, taught personally by Dr. Lance Secretan. Participants will learn the concepts of Higher Ground Leadership®, drawn from over 40 years of research, and described in The Bellwether Effect, The Spark, the Flame and the Torch and 21 other books authored by Lance Secretan. The intention is that you reignite your life—using the principles of Higher Ground Leadership®. Since there is no separation between personal and home life, most participants discover that these are principles to be lived across their entire daily lives.
  2. A Practicum:   This is a project—for example, working with a new or challenging coaching client, designing a learning program, creating a strategic or marketing plan, initiating a project. Or it could be a personal project such as, developing a speech or presentation, creating a podcast or blog, or strengthening your family ties, or rebuilding your relationship with your spouse, children, or friends. Once the project for your Practicum has been designed and approved, Dr. Secretan will be your mentor, offering any guidance you need to design a successful outcome for your assignment, using the principles of Higher Ground Leadership®.
  3. 6 Weeks of Teleclasses:  You will be invited to participate in an optional 6 weekly two-hour refresher program on Zoom in which this material is reviewed, but with a special focus on how Higher Ground Leadership® can be applied to coaching and leading. (We are all coaches).
  4. Certification: Following your successful progress through these three phases, you will be awarded a Higher Ground Leadership® Certification.


There are three steps to inspiring people, their organizations and communities as well as families, and each other to greatness:

  1. The Spark—How We First Become Inspired Before Inspiring Others.
    1. “Filling Up Our Own Inspiration Well”—We cannot be inspiring for others—employees, clients, customers, vendors and suppliers, spouses, friends, partners—until we are inspired ourselves. The first step is to define our North Star—why we are here—what we call Destiny, Character and Calling, or the Why-Be-Do®.
    2. “How to Build Inspiring Relationships”—Secondly, great organizations, communities, families and friends are built one inspiring relationship at a time. The Secretan Center has developed many tools and ways of being for achieving this.
    3. “How to Create ONE Dream®”—Great organizations have moved beyond Mission, Vision and Values Statements—they have ONE Dream® that galvanizes passion and inspires the world. The same holds true for each of us individually—we become inspired when a dream ignites our passion for life.
  2. The Flame—Inspiring Others.
    1. “How to Live in a Way that Inspires Others” to do great things so that we are consciously making the world a better place. We do this by living the CASTLE® Principles—a proven recipe for inspiring others.
  3. The Torch—Inspiring the World.
    1. “Coaching, mentoring, teaching, leading, growing others”; paying it forward and creating a legacy. (The Vector)

What You Will Accomplish During the Retreat:

  • Recharge your own levels of inspiration
  • Clarify the purpose of your life
  • Increase your ability to inspire others to excellence
  • Repair and rebuild broken relationships
  • Become an inspiring colleague or partner
  • Unlock new skills for building inspiring relationships
  • Identify your dream(s)
  • Learn a new model and tools that will help you to coach others to greatness
  • Change your life—and the lives of others—forever.

The end goal is to support you in teaching this work, sharing it with your colleagues, clients, and family, energizing your team, and for us to use our time together to help you to implement your own version of Higher Ground Leadership® in your training, coaching or personal development plans and other needs. The groups will be small and in virtual format. (In the future, when practical to do so, we will also offer these events in spectacular physical environments, as we have in the past—enabling a level of intimacy and ambiance that leads to a productive pace and maximum interaction. This isn’t a program; it is part of a Movement helping people to live lives and run organizations that “Create a More Inspired World”.

Here are Some Logistical Details:

Virtual Events:  Virtual events are hosted using the Zoom videoconferencing software—details will be provided to all registered participants.

Physical Events: One day, we will be returning again to physical events which are residential,  3 ½ day experiences. We will be working together the evening of your arrival day, Wednesday (let us know what time, and how you will be arriving, so that we can try to assist you with pick-ups and schedule our start time), and the days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday and departing the evening of Saturday or the morning of Sunday (please let us know your travel schedule so that we can guide you regarding any logistical/transportation details).

CANADA: You will be heading to Ontario, Canada and working at my home which is about 100 kilometers (60 miles)  north of  Toronto. There are many B&B’s in the area and we will be pleased to make a recommendation.

UNITED STATES:  You will be traveling to Denver and then taking a shuttle to my home in Copper Mountain, CO, which is about 75 miles west of Denver International Airport.


Virtual Events: The fee for this event is $2000.

In Person Events: Your total cost, apart from incidentals, will be $3,450. This will cover the tuition fees and materials, lunches and breakfasts. It does not include air and ground transportation, and evening meals or accommodation. Please let us know ( if you have any food preferences or allergies, and any other issues that you would like us to know, and we will ensure that we accommodate you.

We look forward to your participationjust contact us at with any questions you may have.  After we receive your payment, we will send calendar notices to you for the classes, as well as the draft outline of the material we will cover during the Higher Ground Leadership® Pathfinder Certification, together with any other necessary information.  We will also give you the details for the pre-course conference calls with Dr. Secretan to align your expectations and answer all your questions.

We look forward to spending this inspiring time together and to working closely with you!

Lance Secretan
Founder & CEO
The Secretan Center Inc.