Guidelines for Submitting your Higher Ground Leadership® Practicum Proposal

As part of your Higher Ground Leadership® learning journey you will be asked to complete a Practicum. A Practicum is a proctored assignment which may include:

  1. A project
  2. A leadership or organizational development initiative
  3. Updating an existing program such as a performance management program or an on-boarding process
  4. A coaching assignment, or a new and challenging coaching client
  5. A consulting assignment
  6. A speech or a presentation
  7. A seminar or workshop design and delivery
  8. An employee or leadership assessment,
  9. A personal project involving friends or family members, or
  10. A relevant learning assignment or project that is agreed between you and the Secretan Center

Be concise. Use the principles that you have learned in your classes and will learning experiences to inspire a project that demonstrates your understanding of theories discussed. Try to design a project that will make an impact with others and contribute positively to the world. If you are submitting a personal project, find a way to share this journey with the world, perhaps through social media or a blog. Metrics are important—be sure to tell us what projected success looks like for you.

Please be sure to use proper grammar, check for spelling errors and include appropriate designated trademarking. Your Practicum will be returned if these details are not addressed.

Trademarking as follows:

  • Higher Ground Leadership®
  • Why/Be/Do®
  • ONEDream®
  • DreamQuest®
  • CASTLE® Principles
  • Spirit@Work®
  • Values-Centered Leadership®

Once the project has been designed and approved, Dr. Secretan or another senior faculty member will be your mentor, offering any guidance you need to design a successful outcome for your assignment, using the principles of Higher Ground Leadership®

Submit your Practicum here