Higher Ground Leadership® Pathfinder Masterclass


This is not a program. It is a life-changing experience designed for consultants, coaches, teachers and facilitators, executives, human resource directors, health professionals, and politicians (and human beings in general!) who wish to learn the philosophy of Dr. Lance Secretan’s renowned work called Higher Ground Leadership®, incorporating his 22 books (the most recent of which are The Bellwether Effect and The Spark, the Flame and the Torch), which participants will be able to use to further their careers, guide their organizations, and inspire others - at home and at work.

The Higher Ground Leadership® Pathfinder Masterclass is an intensive 8-week series of 2-hour teleclasses held on Zoom, and a practicum dedicated to applying the principles of Higher Ground Leadership®. All aspects are personally led by Dr. Secretan. Participants will be able to lead, practice and teach using this breakthrough learning.

The group in this virtual retreat will be small, enabling a level of intimacy that leads to a brisk pace and much interaction. The curriculum will be adapted to ensure that each participant meets their desired outcomes and can create materials that meet their specific needs. Following graduation, each participant will be able to join an alumni community of practitioners and access all of the proprietary materials and  website forums of The Secretan Center Inc. and receive discounts on products from the Secretan Store.

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