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Lavishly illustrated, Living the Moment won an Alcuin Award for best designed fiction book in Canada. Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager says, “Living the Moment is about life’s great questions and their meaning for each of us as we travel on our personal journeys. It also gives us the gift of the wonderful philosophy of life of Native North Americans.”

Marianne Gillis from Winnipeg, Canada, wrote this review for

A gift from one soul to another. This is a wonderful ‘tip of the iceberg’ book for your spiritual quest. Its beauty and simplicity speaks directly to your soul. My thanks to the author for writing it.

Living the Moment articulates what we all know within ourselves: that not one precious moment of life should be wasted or thrown away; that we need to be aware of and live each moment. It follows that our lives will unfold in a prosperous and satisfying way. If we address the truths of our lives, we will be empowered to make resolutions about the future.

In Lance Secretan’s fable, he has written the tale of Hawk and Eagle, two brothers who discover that they have often viewed the acquisition of things – both material and intangible – as an end in itself. They learn that life, with all its moments, is the journey: “The most important thing at this instant in their lives was the quality of this Moment. Of this relationship. Of this task. Of this emotion. And of this thought. In this Moment one criterion eclipsed all others: that this discrete Moment of life should be invested with passion, making it the best that it could be.

Lance Secretan has often used parables and fables to convey his message. This ancient method has proved to be both enlightening and entertaining. People seem to learn in a deeper way through storytelling – and Lance is a master storyteller. Living the Moment is a sacred journey, not only for Hawk and Eagle, but for all of us who are ready to change our attitudes and live a simpler life, based on spiritual rather than material values.

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