The New Story of Leadership




Audio CD, Introduction by Joe Calvaruso, CEO, Mount Carmel Health System

Learn what Dr. Lance Secretan has learned from working with cutting-edge leaders from around the world – he will share the eleven major changes that these outstanding leaders have already discovered and are implementing.

The challenge faced by many leaders today is busy-ness; doing instead of being; tactical instead of visionary thinking. Unnoticed by many “old story” leaders, is the advancing tsunami, bigger than excellence in the ‘80s or re-engineering in the ‘90s. This world-shaping change is called spirit in the workplace – the “new story”. For 200 years we have perfected our skills of understanding and manipulating the personality, while banishing the soul from the workplace. But a shape-shift is underway – a huge spiritual awakening among employees in the workplace. A sleeping giant had stirred for the first time since the industrial revolution and while some old story leaders may dismiss the concept of the soul at work, new story leaders have turned their radar on to this phenomenon. Old story leaders ignore these forces at their peril, because none of their theories of leadership will be left standing. The leader of tomorrow is in a brave new world.

The next two decades will be the years of crossover, from reliance on personality alone as the determinant of human behavior at work, to the embrace of spirit as an equal part of the human experience at work. This transition will be the single most significant factor in workplace practices and will transform the concept of leadership, as we have known it. The New Story of Leadership describes the eleven harbingers in business that will redefine the landscape we call work.

During the last 200 years, America has largely meant corporate America – the American dream as measured by the individual material success achieved through corporate success. Thus being the world’s leading nation has meant being the world’s leading economy. America will continue to lead and define success – but we will add new measures to this definition: the personality will continue to be an important arbiter of success, but in the Century of Spirit the soul will gain an equal voice, and for millions, work will become inspiring once again.

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