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Assessment Tools & Surveys

The Secretan Center has developed several assessment tools and surveys including The Soulscreen, The Bellwether Survey, and the What Did I Learn Survey:

  • ~ The Burnout Survey: Find out if you are burned out
  • ~ The Vector Survey: Using the Values-centered Leadership® Model, find out your scores, and whether you are growing or declining
  • ~ The CASTLE® Survey: Learn your personal levels of Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love and Effectiveness.
  • ~ The Likeability Survey: We are inspired by people we like—are you likeable?
  • ~ The Congruence Wheel: Is your life balanced?  Find out here.

Videos & Podcasts

Lance Secretan has created several videos and podcasts about his work and philosophy. Learn about his books, The Bellwether Effect, A Love Story, ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership, and his breakthrough teaching: The Importance of Truthfulness, The Meaning of Namaste, The Importance of Having a Dream, What is Inspiration?, Working from Strengths Instead of Weaknesses, Authentic Leadership, Personal Wellbeing and Leadership, The Importance of Courage and Love. There is also a video of Lance Secretan in Discussion with President Bill Clinton, Lance’s Top 12 Quotes, and Top Ten Quotes, an Overview of The Leadership Summit, and a Promotional Video for Colorado Ski Country USA.   Some of the most popular are:


Reading Group Guides

Find a Reading Group Guide for all of your favorite books by Lance Secretan