Learning Center

The CASTLE® Principles

CASTLE® is an acronym for six attributes: Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love, and Effectiveness.

Spirit@Work® Cards Mobile App

There are contemplative cards for almost every aspect of life—Tarot Cards, Medicine Cards, Angel Cards and more—but none for business. Dr. Lance Secretan saw this need and created the Spirit@Work® Cards to fill the void.

The DreamQuest® Program

This is an award-winning “train-the-trainer” program consisting of 19 short, DVD-based learning modules, complete with an Instructor’s Guide, and training and facilitators supplies and handouts—a “Leadership Development Program In-a-Box”.

E-Work Room

This is a private, password-protected, E-learning Work Room available only for Certified Higher Ground Leadership® Pathfinders, Higher Ground Leadership® Coaches and designated clients. It contains a large number of proprietary tools, surveys, forms, guides, and instruments to assist in the implementation of Higher Ground Leadership® Principles.

Inspire!® Pledge

Imagine a world in which we are all more inspiring.

You are invited to make that happen.

Make a commitment today!