ONE: The Art and practice of Conscious Leadership

Six thousand years ago we were one—we shared the same stories and myths, mysteries and magic. The classical Greek philosophers began the process of separate thinking. The great Renaissance thinkers picked up the pace and the genius of our modern scientific and technical era has unraveled this precious human asset. If we continue to separate ourselves—liberal/conservative, parent/child, Muslim/Christian, labor/management, black/white, young/old, rich/poor—we will wither as a society, perhaps as a species.

Conscious Leadership inspires self and others to reframe what we see by making the connections between all the parts—countries as kin, corporations as communities, employees as whole humans, religions as partners rather than competitors.  In this knowing we gain a greater understanding of how all our actions touch and connect with everything else.

Dr. Lance Secretan shares the practice of Conscious Leadership through the transformative CASTLE® Principles for you to experience:

  1. How to regain personal Courage
  2. How to live and lead Authentically
  3. The importance of Serving
  4. The power of Truthfulness
  5. Why we must live in Love
  6. How to radically improve our Effectiveness.

The Workshop

Whenever we experience pain or sadness, it is because we have become separated from what, or whom, we love. And whenever we are inspired and joyful, it is because we are one with what, or whom, we love. Great leaders know that all human challenges and successes can be explained through this awareness.

How do we live as Conscious Leaders? By practicing the CASTLE® Principles—Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love and Effectiveness.

Of course saying it and living it are two different things—but not as difficult as we imagine. We have all achieved great moments of Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love and Effectiveness. All we need to do is live at this same level again.

This workshop will show you how and change your life!