"You don´t want to miss these sessions. Amazing experience. The best combination of collective wisdom, practical information and inspiration. With the unique magical touch of Lance Secretan."

Victor Heredia, Tulum, Mexico

"For anyone serious about developing their leadership skills with the view of becoming more present and conscious with their people, I totally recommend this profound and timely experience with Lance Secretan."

Dylan Ditchfield, New Zealand

And now for something completely different!

 “There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in”, sang Leonard Cohen. The crack was Covid-19 and the light is a major shift from metrics-centered to people-centered leadership and corporate life.  And with the migration of in-person to virtual working, people are yearning for new leadership wisdom – not “talking heads” and old information, theories and bromides. We long for a deep and broad conversation – an opportunity to be heard and to contribute the wisdom that is in us all  – not a lecture.

Lance Secretan’s book, Spirit@Work® : Bringing Spirit and Values to Work, includes 77 cards (beautifully illustrated by David Rankine), and a poem accompanying each chapter by Marie Knapp. These words capture the essence of his renowned work known as “Higher Ground Leadership®” and represent the core concepts that underpin this revolutionary approach to leadership and life. 

How it Works:

Attendees download the free mobile app from the Apple or Android stores. When the user shakes their phone, the mobile app randomly shuffles the words, presenting a unique one each time and a brief explanation on the reverse.

The result is something you may never have seen before: a combination of multimedia and peer-sharing, using each participant’s mobile device, to teach each other how to be inspiring leaders and human beings. Lance Secretan facilitates the learning and the conversation, but participants select the subject, using their mobile devices. (Apple and Android). Sharing his screen, Lance Secretan presents small bites of wisdom about each of the words chosen by participants, illustrated with sumptuous multimedia, as he skillfully draws out the inner wisdom from each audience member, before inviting another participant to choose a new word. This unique presentation is a mixture of “the wisdom of crowds” and improv. This format is one-of-a-kind: it is audience-driven; it engages all the senses and it is entertaining and educational. Audiences are engaged and inspired—there is nothing like it anywhere!

Download the Free Spirit@Work® app from the Apple or Android stores.