The Interactive, Spirit@Work® Cards Mobile App

In 2002 Lance Secretan created Spirit@Work® Cards and Book. It consists of 77 cards, each of which contains a word that represents the values and ideals of his world-renowned Higher Ground Leadership® philosophy. It also includes a book with 77 chapters matching and describing each of the cards, the words, and their meaning, as well as a poem written by Marie Knapp for each card, every one beautifully illustrated by David Rankine. The first version was a huge hit so we created a second-generation version which was met with even greater success. The Cards and Bok Set can be purchased here: 


We then created a free mobile app (available from the Google Play Store or iTunes store). By shaking the phone, the user is able to shuffle the cards thus selecting a randomly chosen one. By tapping the reverse of the card, a limited text description of the chosen card is revealed.

The success of the free version caused us to create an expanded version and, for $9.99, users of the free app have the option to upgrade to the full version. When you unlock the full version, in addition to being able to browse all 77 cards these additional features can be accessed:

  1. Full, expanded text description and meaning for each card—2-3 pages drawn from the full chapter of the book
  2. Poems specifically written for each card by Marie Knapp, in written form, or read personally by Lance Secretan
  3. A description of the meaning of the artwork, and the interpretation of the graphic symbolism for each card, by David Rankine, the artist who designed the beautiful artwork.
  4. Video interview with Lance Secretan and David Rankine, describing how the cards were created.
  5. A video describing how the Spirit@work® Cards originated.
  6. Seven videos describing how Lance Secretan’s famed CASTLE® Principles were discovered and a video describing the meaning and application of each of the six principles.
  7. A free digital copy of the book, “What We Got Wrong About Business” a collection of 29 essays written by 22 Higher Ground Leadership Pathfinders.
  8. An opportunity to build a community with friends—users can invite friends to join so they can share their cards/words and experiences with each other.
  9. Twelve “spreads” to guide your day, make decisions, and inspire your life
  10. Journal to store and record the cards, or spreads, you select each day, and their meaning for you and others. You can write in the Journal – just choose a card, or spread, add it to your Journal, and then proceed to the Journal page to edit it.
  11. Create your own “To Do Today ” list, and—even more important—a “To BE Today” list. NOTE:  You can’t delete your “TO BE” list until tomorrow – so you are being encouraged to BE the characteristic described on the card you chose.
  12. Store and record the cards you have shared with others
  13. Store and record the cards you have received from others
  14. The option to share the card you have chosen on your social media platforms.

Developing this app has been a multi-year expedition, and there are bound to be glitches or opportunities to make improvements or add features,  so, please send your suggestions and your experiences to After upgrading to the paid version users will recieve free updates as they are added. Enjoy!

Inspiration in the Cloud

We have also created a sumptuous multimedia show which includes a deep-dive, 2-3 minute, mini-seminar, for each of the words, including video, music, humor, famous quotes and Lance Secretan’s take on the meaning and implication of each word, delivered in his trademark, award-winning style (

Groups of participants join a zoom call and one participant shakes their phone and chooses a card on their mobile app. Lance Secretan then shares his screen, which reveals the same card chosen, enabling him to share the teaching and the visuals that go with the chosen card.

The person who chose the card is asked, “What does that card mean for you?”, “Are you able to practice this value day-to-day?”, “Does your leader practices this value?”, “Can you support others to grow their practice of this value?”, “Please share a great example of someone practicing, and living, this value”, etc. Other participants are then invited to share their experience with that card and its value.

Next, another person is invited to shake their phone and repeat the experience.

Effectively, this is improv. It turns upside down the traditional method of teaching where an expert “talking head” shares their knowledge with participants in a one-way communication. In this case, it’s the opposite—the agenda is controlled by the participants who take the conversation in the direction of the card chosen, while sharing the wisdom that lies innately within them. It is a “Socratic” methodology. The natural wisdom within participants is always breathtaking, and the speed at which topics of significant meaning are covered, enables a deep connection among participants. Sometimes we will discuss many cards, and on other occasions, only one. This all depends on the energy of the group, and the skill and intuition of the facilitator, about where the conversation should be guided. But wherever the conversation goes, the essential element is inspiration. The goal, every time, is for everyone to leave the conversation more inspired than when they arrived, and also to gain some useful ideas about how they live their lives and how they can be more inspiring for others.

You can download the Spirit@Work® Cards app here: