Teaching & Certification

The Secretan Center team helps individuals and organizations to achieve extraordinary performance and live inspiring lives.

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In-Person and Virtual Teaching and Certification

Dr. Lance Secretan has spent over 50 years pioneering concepts of leadership, first as the CEO of a Fortune 100 company that he and his team built from scratch to 72,000 employees, and then as an award-winning academic, author, coach and advisor to leaders globally, showing them how to do the same. He is the rare teacher who has achieved what he teaches. He now dedicates his life to teaching and sharing what he has learned with others from every walk of life, so they can use his philosophy to build inspiring lives and organizations and change the world.  He leads in-person and virtual Teaching and Certification events for organizations and individuals where participants learn the concepts of Higher Ground Leadership®, including Dr. Secretan’s world-renowned philosophy of the CASTLE® Principles, become proficient at applying his renowned methodology in their own lives—as leaders, consultants, coaches, teachers—and, most importantly, in their personal lives. The aim of each event is to unlock the keys to inspiration for participants so they can, in turn, create more inspiring lives and organizations and, therefore, a more inspired world. Participants describe these events as inspiring and life changing.

Reawakening the Human Spirit

Lance Secretan will be releasing his next book in the next few months. He is inviting a limited number of participants to join him in a 16-week Masterclass prior to its publication. This 90-minutes per week Masterclass will cover everything Lance has written in his previous 23 books and learned over the last 50 years teaching people and organizations how to become more inspired and more inspiring for others.


The Higher Ground Leadership® course includes a mix of virtual lessons, self-guided modules, discussion boards and practice. There are also group coaching sessions to reinforce learnings. The content is fresh and unique–none of that same-old-recycled management training! We bring together inner development and organizational culture work and combine these into a secret sauce that results in inspiring leadership, and we’ll show you how to put it into practice.

Higher Ground Leadership® Masterclass

Our foundation program is the Higher Ground Leadership® Masterclass. Drawing on 40 years of research and practical application, this is an 8-week, on-line, intensive, certification event, followed by a series of teleclasses and a practicum, led personally by Dr. Lance Secretan. You will learn how to identify your spiritual essence, reveal your true purpose and gifts, deepen existing skills, and add new ones, and align these to help you become a more conscious leader, coach, and teacher, who makes the world a better place.

Higher Ground Leadership® Coach Certification 

In partnership with CoachVille, the world’s largest coach training organization, we offer a course consisting of a 6-week series of teleclasses, followed by a supervised practicum which leads to Certification as a Higher Ground Leadership® Coach and Pathfinder. The focus is on coaching and coaching skills and is co-facilitated by Deanna Stull, Chief Experience Officer of Coachville, and Dr. Lance Secretan.

The Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit is an experiential, action-oriented, three-day, residential event, using the concepts described in Lance Secretan’s masterwork, “The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch”. It is taught on-mountain personally, by Lance Secretan (a certified ski instructor) in the Rockies during the winter ski season, and on lakes and trails in rural Ontario during the summer mountain-biking and kayaking season.

The DreamQuest® Program

The DreamQuest® program is a DVD-based training program consisting of 18 mini-seminars of about 10-15 minute minutes each. Each segment contains video footage that was filmed on location skiing in the Rockies at Lance’s home in Copper Mountain, Colorado, and canoeing and mountain biking at his home in Ontario Canada. Many interviews were conducted with people who live the principles he teaches.