The Leadership Summit - Skiing in Colorado

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they are yours.”

Richard Back, Illusions

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Copper Mountain, CO ( March 1-3, 2025

Watch the commercial I filmed where we will be skiing!

Watch a video filmed at a recent Leadership Summit!

Each winter, participants from around the world visit Dr. Lance Secretan in Colorado to learn how to significantly increase the levels of inspiration in their lives and how to grow their capacity to inspire others.

New levels of skill and awareness are achieved by participants in a fraction of the time we usually expect for such breakthroughs. It takes passion, the willingness to let go of old ideas, an open mind for learning and change, a desire to improve—and most importantly—a firm belief that there are no limits.

What Former Participants are Saying:

"With Whistler and Blackcomb mountains in my backyard, I expected Lance Secretan's Leadership Summit to be, well, a nice weekend skiing experience, enhanced with conscious conversation. I was wrong. First, the skiing was of the kind I've only seen in videos and the Leadership experience was set in my bones when in the first 30 minutes on the hill, I was treated as an expert skier so masterfully that my mind was changed about my ability, before I knew it. By the end of the weekend, I realized I had leaped forward as an athlete the way I might have done as a teen some 35 years ago. The conscious conversation also touched me deeply, it inspired me to live the CASTLE® Principles, rather than simply agreeing with them intellectually, as I read Lance's great book "ONE". Back in the office, I'm noticing leadership issues handled with ease and with little thought required-proof again that the weekend is not in my head, it's in my heart. Thank you for a peak life experience."

Jean-Pierre LeBlanc, Success Coach and Relationship Alchemist, Co-Founder – Saje Natural Wellness Stores

Spend THREE days with Dr. Lance Secretan and he will help you to achieve THREE breakthroughs:

  1. A personal breakthrough that renews your purpose, passion, vitality, inspiration and values.
  2. A leadership breakthrough that will help you to inspire others to exceptional levels of performance.
  3. A breakthrough in your personal athleticism and skill.

The Leadership Summit is a combination of indoor and outdoor experiences that will take you to new heights. It is inspiring, transforming, and unforgettable. Dr. Lance Secretan will show you the mountain and make the connections for you between the splendor and majesty of the Rockies and your potential as an inspiring leader and human – an experience you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Join Lance for an experience that will change your life! Come to our next event – or invite your entire leadership team as a group and we will build a custom program for you.