Leadership Summit in ON, Canada (mountain biking/kayaking)

Lance Kayak

Dr. Lance Secretan is passionate about outdoor athletics and about changing the world. So he combines the two at his home in Canada, next to a 700-acre preserve which is part of the Niagara Escarpment. During the Leadership Summit in Ontario, Lance will help you make connections and breakthroughs while hiking, mountain biking, kayaking or canoeing together. You will be with an expert outdoorsman and an expert on leadership and building inspiring organizations.

Spend THREE days with Dr. Lance Secretan and he will help you to achieve TWO breakthroughs:

Autumn Forest

  • A personal breakthrough that renews your purpose, passion, vitality, inspiration and values.
  • A leadership breakthrough that will help you to:
    • Find the best team members
    • Retain and nurture talent
    • Develop a set of core values
    • Become an inspiration to your colleagues, customers, suppliers, and community
    • Become inspiring, and create an inspiring organization
    • Create a dream
    • Create a culture that supports the journey
    • Develop greater innovation skills
    • Provide unparalleled service to customers
    • Deal with uncertainty
    • Recover from major setback
    • Make courageous decisions
    • Ensure your organization is sustainable
    • Create a legacy


Secretan hosts and guides leaders from around the world to explain how to significantly increase leadership skills and live lives that are inspiring to others. And he does this in a fraction of the time we usually expect for such breakthroughs. It takes passion, the willingness to let go of old ideas, an open mind to learn and change, a desire to improve—and most importantly—a firm belief that there are no limits.

Join Lance for an experience that will change your life!

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