Captivating only touches the surface of the impact Lance Secretan had at our recent C-Suite Conference. The top business leaders from some of the largest companies are rarely inspired as they were by Lance.

Bringing his creditability as a corporate CEO coupled with his wisdom and humility, Lance offered a new perspective to what matters for long-term business success. Lance grabbed everyone’s attention in a surprising way. He talked about love. A topic that is always present in our lives and mostly ignored in a business setting. He showed the link of our core capacity for caring for the concerns of others that is the foundation for inspiration. He challenged the value of vision and missions statements and showed the power of an organizational dream to change the destiny of organizations and all who work there.

We have had many leading speakers at our events. Lance is at the top of the list for us.

Thomas White
C-Suite Network


I just wanted to thank you again for a truly inspiring keynote address to our boards of trustees and leaders. Your message carried over the next two days and will certainly be a foundation for discussion at future board and leadership team meetings. I hope our paths cross again soon.

Johnny Rea
Vice President | Administrative Chief of Staff
Centura Health South State Operating Group


“Simply superb – arguably one of the best speakers out there. Such depth, wisdom and vision. Love it! Thank you.”

Imanuel Goncalves

Lance Secretan has learned something that escapes most executives: that their employees have souls. Even better, Lance shows would-be leaders how to create organizations with soul and the results to prove it.

John Brandt, President and Editorial Director, CEO Magazine; Former Editor-in-Chief

During the transition to my current leadership position, Lance Secretan offered a sounding board, solid advice and deep experience that was extraordinarily valuable. As a result of many years as an operating CEO, he is wise and deeply grounded in the experience of being a CEO. He does not hold back his truth and represents a wonderful, highly intelligent partner for sharing ideas and candor. My path towards my present position was made easier through my work with Lance. He guided me through the process of finding a new role that is more aligned with my talents and passion – I am much happier for it.

Joe Calvaruso, Senior Vice President, Chief Performance Acceleration Officer
Presbyterian Health System

Coaching with Lance was like having a lighthouse on the shore of my troubled sea. Lance cares, and he knows his stuff when it comes to leadership in turbulent times. The amazing thing about coaching with Lance was that whenever I would think: Lance you’re crazy” it always turned out that he was right.”

Dave Buck, CEO

I worked with Lance Secretan during the transition to my current CEO position. Lance is experienced, professional and brings a unique perspective from his many years as an operating CEO. He is challenging, insightful and direct. I valued his counsel—he provided the wise ears and encouraging heart that I needed—and it worked.

John Koster, President/CEO
Providence Health and Services

If I could choose but one person to work with for the remainder of my professional career, it is Lance. He is an inspirational leader who brings out the best in others, no matter what their title or task. He knows how to elevate everyone around him to achieve a level of excellence that is unexpected. His knowledge of corporate culture and leadership make him a huge asset to any corporation or organization looking to move to the next level. Lance successfully helped my organization earn a place on Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For four years in a row.

Scott Regan, former Executive Vice President and COO
Memorial Health, Savannah, GA.

On my long and non-linear journey to become an effective human being and leader, I have derived much meaning by reading the works of important thinkers, writers, speakers and leaders. A few years ago, I had the privilege of reading, then participating in a workshop, and eventually getting to know Dr. Lance Secretan. From the outset, I witnessed his phenomenal virtuosity in leading a group of 160-plus leaders from Louisville, KY as they built consensus that gave birth to their city’s collective dream. I heard him espouse the CASTLE principles of leadership: Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love and Effectiveness. But until I had the chance to be coached by and become a friend with Lance, I did not fully realize how completely authentic he is: he lives his word with everyone — he has truly become his dream. He doesn’t just eloquently teach the principles of inspiring leadership; they reside in every cell of his being.

Kevin Connelly, Executive Director
Center for Nonprofit Excellence

Secretan is prepared, professional and awesome.

Doug Ackhurst, Vice President

If I were to label Lance’s contribution to our success, I would label it superlative. He has a skill at making people stretch themselves. I am grateful that he exceeded my expectations and transformed us. He is a man with a mission and a message, that people need to hear.

Ross A. Morton, FLMI, formerly Reinsurance Vice President
Manulife Financial

Unanimously, Higher Ground Leadership® was accepted by the team to carry this forward because the transformation is now focused on investment in our people. That is our greatest asset.

Joe Swedish, President and CEO
Centura Health

Lance Secretan is one of the most important leadership teachers of our time. His work is helping leaders to create organizations that are inspiring places for employees, customers, and suppliers.

Marianne Williamson, author
Enchanted Love

I can vouch 100% for Lance’s work — I absolutely guarantee it! He has worked with us since 1991 and has had a profound impact on…the entire company.

Tom Schmidt, former General Manager, Crop Protection Division
Cyanamid Canada

Our work with Lance and his associates was an enlightening process that has lead to remarkable results. Our senior team has matured to a high state of awareness of the needs of others and functions in a more cohesive and truthful manner. The journey mapped by Lance and his associates has been an honest, and inspiring one that is the beginning of an organizational cultural transformation that has served to awaken the entire organization to provide a higher level of service to all it touches.

Ian Sinclair, Associate Vice President, Corporate Planning
The Credit Valley Hospital

Lance has a highly strategic mind. When I think of the process we went through and think of Lance’s skills I am grateful for his ability to look at, process and produce in a unique and highly creative way. I personally look forward to working together with Lance and having him stretch my mind — and our business.

Bob Busch, formerly Vice President Human Resources
Cyanamid Canada

Lance did what he said he would do. He made a positive change in our people and the way we do business.

Ted Matthews, President and Founder
Promanad Communications Inc.

Lance is one of the most inspirational people I have met. He helped awaken in our organization a set of principles of Leadership that had been pushed to the background by years of focusing on the wrong things. He has been a mentor to me. Just knowing him helped me move in directions I never thought possible in the business world.

Dr. Ed Boudreau
BMGI, Consultant

I am inspired to let you know how much First Command has changed and continues to change since the introduction of Higher Ground Leadership® into our company. I am filled with gratitude that our leaders elected to follow the Higher Ground Leadership® path and that I am part of it. My retreat was held in January this year and still my enthusiasm remains high 9 months later. Serving others is my new way of life. Higher Ground Leadership® has changed my life and I cannot tell you in how many ways. Thank you for your words of love and inspiration. Thank you for who you are and for helping us become who we are, servant leaders.

Doug Petersen, Senior Manager, Financial Planning Systems
First Command Financial Services Inc.

I spent three glorious, sunny days skiing at Copper Mountain with Lance Secretan. Thanks to Lance, my skiing improved significantly. I think that Lance has the unusual ability to not only know his craft well but be able to successfully teach it to others.

Alan Harman, Senior Investment Executive and Director

During 45 years of skiing, I have seldom skied with anyone who can mirror my ability, or enthusiasm. Skiing with Lance was the exception to that. This man is a superb skier and a very skilled and willing coach for others. It was a delight to watch the whispering vapor trails of snow spinning off his ski tails in front of me, and to feel as one in our experience of this marvelous sport in the Colorado sunshine.

Randall White

With Whistler and Blackcomb mountains in my backyard I expected Lance Secretan’s Leadership Summit to be well a nice weekend skiing experience enhanced with conscious conversation. I was wrong. First the skiing was of the kind I’ve only seen in videos and the Leadership experience was set in my bones when in the first 30 minutes on the hill I was treated as an expert skier so masterfully that my mind was changed about my ability before I knew it. By the end of the weekend I realized I had leaped forward as an athlete the way I might have done as a teen some 35 years ago. The conscious conversation also touched me deeply it inspired me to live the CASTLE principles rather than simply agreeing with them intellectually as I read Lance’s great book “ONE”. Back in the office I’m noticing leadership issues handled with ease and with little thought required-proof again that the weekend is not in my head it’s in my heart. Thank you for a peak life experience.

Jean-Pierre LeBlanc, Success Coach & Relationship Alchemist
Co-Founder – Saje Natural Wellness Stores

I certainly didn’t expect to be skiing double black diamond runs within two hours of hitting the slopes (especially after 18 years of no skiing), but the strength, wisdom and love of a trusted teacher brought out the best in me. It is a great testament that we can all reach our potential if we will just ‘reach.’ Following the lead of an expert like Lance makes ‘reaching’ easy, graceful, successful, and did I mention fun!!! Lance embodies passion, courage, joy, trust, integrity and results! What a gift he is to the planet for modeling conscious commerce, integrity in business and relationships, abundance, love for humanity, and passion for life! Thank you my friend.

Lisa Clapier, Host
The Torch TV Show with Patch Adams, MD

“I was the most novice skier in the group. I hadn’t strapped on a pair of skies in more than a decade…and it didn’t matter one bit!! I would recommend this summit for anyone who is yearning for inspiration and a reawakening for what is possible – without a doubt it has been that for me.”

Laura McCafferty BA, FCUIC
Newfield Certified Coach
Higher Ground Leadership® Pathfinder
Certified 5 Dynamics Facilitator”

“Attending the leadership summit was truly a WOW! experience. The format for this summit was different than any I have attended and provided an extremely engaging learning experience as a result. I experienced a variety of emotions and feelings during the 4 days. I found that the day’s events provided a feeling of pure exhilaration and challenged me as to how I can and will enhance my leadership.

The group environment was particularly rewarding and from the time we all arrived and introduced ourselves over dinner, we became close and felt part of a very special experience. We were challenged to describe what we would like to come away with from the Leadership Summit in terms of objectives or results. Personally, I came away feeling that I greatly exceeded my objectives and I believe my colleagues would echo my thoughts.

The whole approach to the 4 days was experiential: working through and living the CASTLE Principles. We approached our skiing considering each of the principles and spent time discussing these on the mountain and at breaks. In sharing these discussions and with the support of the group I experienced skiing as I never would have imagined. I have not been on skis for approximately 7 years and found myself mastering double-black diamond mogul runs, skiing through trees, over waterfalls and through the most amazing untouched knee deep powder snow at 12,800 feet above sea level.

This was an opportunity to participate in an inspiring environment with a group of outstanding people while learning through the leadership of Lance Secretan. Lance lives the CASTLE principles and shared with us how this can make a difference on our lives and those around us.

In addition to the CASTLE principles we learned how to define and understand our Destiny, Character and Calling. This has really made a difference in how I approach everything I do, whether at work or in my personal life. With an understanding of my Destiny, Character and Calling and challenging myself to live and practice the CASTLE principles, I am realizing that I can make a difference and I better understand my accountability as a leader. I found it almost calming to become deeply aware of my Destiny and therefore commit to avoiding paths or environments in the future that take me away from that end.

This summit was exhilarating, inspirational and provided clarity for me and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to learn in an environment that is a living practice and example of the CASTLE principles.”

Rob Grundison, Chief Operating Officer
Coastal Community Credit Corporation.

You’re one hell of a speaker! Our hearts, minds and bottom lines are deeply indebted to you.

Margot Franssen, President
The Body Shop International Ltd

Lance Secretan is a dynamic and innovative leadership expert and his fresh ideas and rigorous challenges excited and inspired our attendees. They will use his concepts in shaping future strategies. I only wish we had been able to spend more time with him at our Leadership Institute.

Susan Sarfati, President and CEO
The Center for Association Leadership

How much I enjoyed your presentation – it was the hit of our conference. On a scale of zero to ten, you were an eleven.

Barbara Tallbot, Vice President Marketing
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

We have never had so much positive response on a keynote speaker. Congratulations!

Debbie Cole-Gauer, Executive Director
The Life Insurance Institute of Canada

Lance presents his material in a most unique and dynamic way that lends itself to getting people’s attention who may not have otherwise been interested, and specifically, as a result, tapping the potential of all involved. The lessons he shared, are and will continue to be, part of the reason Medtronic and each of us at Medtronic are successful in what we do.

Vern Dale-Johnson, Director of Planning and Business Development
Medtronic of Canada Limited

Often, the best wisdom is the simplest especially when it’s delivered in a clear, logical and compelling fashion. The simplicity of Lance Secretan’s CASTLE Principles and his incredibly articulate, professional, and commanding presentation made this one of the very best sessions I’ve ever attended. And, that includes 40 years of Million Dollar Round Table and other industry meetings. I’ve sent autographed copies of his books to my kids and plan to send additional copies to each of my key clients.

Alan R. Ziegler

Lance’s presentation to our hospital leadership and donors goes beyond words. A physician told me afterward that she was inspired to give even more to the hospital–in terms of philanthropy and time. Dr. Secretan’s message is so powerful that people are clamoring for him to come back and people who couldn’t come are calling and asking that we bring him back so they have another chance! This was more than a presentation. It was a wonderful and moving experience for everyone lucky enough to be in the room.

Penny Cowen, Executive Director
St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation

Lance, we so appreciate the time and energy you put into your session. Your experiences and wisdom provided valuable insight and so many of the delegates spoke to us directly about the value they received from attending. We are thrilled with the outcome. You should be feeling a lot of love and good karma coming from AceTech and its delegates for a long time to come. Kudos to your team at the Secretan Centre who worked efficiently from start to finish and made every encounter a pleasure.

Kathy Troupe, Executive Director

Lance was outstanding! His message is profound and utterly inspiring; his approach is powerful and so engaging. We were thrilled with every moment we had to spend with him! Lance’s presentation was rated by our members as the highest value-added component at our conference. The support we received from The Secretan Centre validated the values and principles that Lance represents and teaches – authentic living, service and leadership. Thanks for everything you’ve done to ensure the success of our event. I look forward to working with you again.

Laura McCafferty, BA, FCUIC, Director
Marketing Association for Credit Unions

Lance, you are certainly the best presenter I have ever heard! Thank you so much for using your talents to inspire others. You have left a lasting positive impression on 200 souls in Kings County Nova Scotia and I know the momentum you started will continue for our area. I really hope we can get you back for an encore presentation!

Marianne Gates
Kings Community Economic Development Agency

Lance Secretan will touch the souls of all! Standing ovation! I promise you! I invited him to The Netherlands and Lance was the most successful speaker we have ever had! He is simply the best!

Ivo Valkenburg

Lance has had great impact on the thinking of PCC associates and clients. Our own Destiny, Character and Calling is on our website as our Covenant. He has an amazing insight on leadership and is one of the most inspiring speakers I have known. An uncommon man.

Dick Buxton, Senior Managing Director
Private Capital Corporation

I had the privilege of attending one of Lance’s keynote speeches in the fall. His speech was unbelievably moving and inspiring. I can honestly say that he is the best speaker I have ever come across. His topics are relevant to our daily lives and the impact we can have on others. Being a good leader would interest many people in our industry. I can’t praise him enough for what he tries to instill in others.

Natalie Weiss, Senior Interior Designer
GEC Architecture

I have seen some of the best acts and the best entertainers and presenters in the world during the last 20 years and you were the best I have ever heard!

Bruce Dumba, Lighting Director
Regina Casino


Congratulations on yet another powerful, professional and meaningful delivery of a brilliant message. The audience left feeling inspired and equipped with a sense of purpose. Everything flowed perfectly as the pens in the room were busy noting your wise and profound information. Congratulations on having the courage to speak your heart!

Gord Sarkissian, General Manager
Whole Pie Productions Inc.

Of all the speakers I have been exposed to in my life, you are, without the shadow of a doubt, the one who has moved me and will change my life forever.

Isabelle Adjahi, Senior Director, Investor Relations and Communications
Axcan Pharma

Once you began your presentation, the energy in the room completely switched. Suddenly, you were talking about things that truly mattered —how do we create inspiring organizations, what do we really want for our lives? People sat up, they stopped fiddling about on their phones. I could see your words were affecting them deeply and they wanted to hear more. It was captivating for all of us. I learned a great deal, not just more about the principles behind The Spark, the Flame and the Torch, but what It means to passionately convey those ideas and connect with others.

Keir Overton

What an inspiring time-I am still in awe of the entire experience. This was the first time I’ve ever truly had an “experiential learning” experience. Typically when I go to trainings seminars conferences etc. I sit in a classroom or I am on a conference call learning the principles etc and then I must go back into my world and figure out how to apply what I have learned. By using the mountain as our classroom we immediately brought the learnings deep into our body mind and spirit-our entire being. I am finding that I’m incorporating what I learned and the metaphors used this past weekend throughout all aspects of my life (leading my business, my finances etc). It is my deepest desire to have many people experience the Leadership Summit (and more specifically you and your approach).

Melinda Burger, Founder and President
The Coaches Console

“The leadership summit was much more and quite different from what I was expecting. In fact, I’m still processing the catharsis that I experienced during those 4 days. It was amazingly rewarding, challenging and emotional. It seems like every day since my time at Copper Mountain, new lessons, ideas and beliefs about myself and leadership have emerged and become clearer.

The days of skiing were totally exhilarating; navigating double-black diamond mogul runs, jumping off cliffs, skiing over a frozen waterfall and curving around pine trees. Best of all was gliding through several feet of fresh powder where the only visible tracks were our own.

Daytime breaks and evening dinners were filled with rich conversations and exchanges among the group – this was a group of people who came together in an inspiring setting with the same intention: to learn from and share a unique and profound leadership opportunity with Lance Secretan.

The ski summit provided real and clear proof that breakthrough things happen when you follow, and are led by the CASTLE principles and when you understand and honor your Destiny, Character and Calling. The skiing that I did, and the experience I had was only possible because I believed in and lived those principles; and because Lance, as our leader, lived the principles as well.

The other lesson that became clear to me was that regardless of changes in the external environment (in our case, changes in weather…and believe me, there were drastic changes from day-to-day, and even hour-to-hour!); what sustained me and my desire/ability to ski with brilliance were the CASTLE principles. The external environment was secondary and this is learning that I will apply and keep in mind now that I’ve returned to my day job”.

Laura McCafferty, BA, FCUIC
Newfield Certified Coach
Higher Ground Leadership® Pathfinder
Certified 5 Dynamics Facilitator

This leadership summit was a fabulous experience. It was exciting to learn in such a beautiful environment. Lance provided all the foundational elements and more to demonstrate leadership: he helped me develop as a skier and as a person with respect and skill, his expectations for me were high and he provided a supportive and safe atmosphere as I stumbled and fell and got back up and learned. Through all the falling down and getting back up I also developed my approach to big issues, exciting and inspiring issues – character, destiny and legacy. I learned about the importance of leadership and spent this time immersed in a way of providing excellent leadership, demonstrated by Lance. What a lesson in leadership! This weekend was an inspiring leap forward for me and has made a big impact in my business and personal life; I am grateful.

Gerard Lahey, P. Eng.
CEO, Parallel